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Mgt783 Leadership and Managing Talent Group

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Relationships among Leader Effectiveness, Learning Orientation, Effective Communication, Team Creativity and Service Innovation in the Service Sector


        Nowadays, there are a lot of sector and industries establish in this world. Although they may appear similar, the terms industry and sector have slightly dissimilar meanings. Industry terms states to a much more specific group of companies or businesses, while the term sector describes a large segment of the economy. The terms industry and sector are often used interchangeably to describe a group of companies that operate in the same segment of the economy or share a similar business type. The term sector often refers to a larger, general part of the economy, while the word industry is much more specific (Industry vs sector, 2019).These two terms are sometimes reversed. But the general idea remains same, one breaks the economy down into a few general segments while the other further categorizes those into more specific business activities.

        According to this journal, the researcher wanted to know if there is any significant relationship that can contribute towards sector componence in terms of service sector. As we all know, companies performance are working closely related with employee’s performance. Meaning that if the employees in the companies do not express themselves or do not meet according to their KPI’s based on their job description, they could left behind and worse have to leave the sector. Thus, the leader or someone that have authority in that particular sector and area should came out with something that can enhance positive result as well will reflected effects towards  organisation performance, which gain more importance every day.

        This study aimed to investigate the relationships between the variables of leader effectiveness, learning orientation towards effective communication, team creativity and service innovation. As a result of from this studies, it was determined that leadership effectiveness and learning orientation have a positive impact on effective communication, team creativity, and service innovation. This shows that if an organisation has effective leadership and learning orientation, it positively contributes to effective communication, team creativity, and service innovation in the service sector. 348 questionnaires collected from white-collar employees were used for evaluation. Factor and reliability analysis were conducted using the Likert scale questions. Correlation analysis was carried out to examine the relationships between variables and regression analysis was performed to test the hypotheses.


        There was some issues that can be found while conducting this investigation. The researcher only used sample from white collar employees from Marmara region both in private and governance area. The Marmara Region is a geographical region of Turkey. It is located in northwester Turkey and bordered by Greece and the Aegean Sea to the west, Bulgaria and the Black Sea to the north, the Black Sea Region to the east, the Central Anatolia Region to the southeast and the Aegean Region to the south. At the centre of the region is the Sea of Marmara, which gives the region its name. Among the seven geographical regions of Turkey, the Marmara region has the second-smallest area but have the largest population and most densely populated region in the country. The area of Marmara region is about 72,845 km and had its population for about 21.89 million. Even though Marmara had the largest population but it is still not enough to conclude that the result will be the same as the other more region.

        Besides that, different type of sector will need different type of leadership. Leader effectiveness is accepted as one of the most important elements for positive organisational performance. However, according to Arnold et al (1998) they said that measuring or analysing the effectiveness of leaders has been a topic of discussion among many researchers in the past yet still could not come up with a common definition. For instance, Bunmi Omolayo (2007) said that manufacturing sector need more autocratic style of leadership but workers under autocratic style of leadership do not experience higher sense of community than workers under democratic style of leadership. While Lirong and Wixin (2008), indicate that both transformational leadership and transactional leadership have positive impact on organizational change when conducted employees from different types of private and public organizations in China. Hence, there is no specific types of leadership in terms of effectiveness of leaders to enhance companies’ performance.

        In addition, types of learning orientation also contributes with the company performance. The learning orientation is a mechanism that directly affects firm’s ability to challenge the old assumptions about the market and how a firm should be organized in order to direct it that makes innovation easier (Baker and Sinkula, 2002). Learning orientation prepares the firms to get into a stage in which they will be committed to systematically challenge the fundamental beliefs and practices that define by themselves the innovation processes (Baker and Sinkula, 1999). Learning produces new knowledge which is used by its employees on the development of innovations, and that can contribute towards company performance. Thus, it will affect the other variables in this research which is effective communication, team creativity and service innovative in this sector.



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