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Sony Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals

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Essay Preview: Sony Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals

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Managers at all levels of business are constantly challenged by events which occur both inside their organization and externally.  In this activity, you are asked to focus on one recent event (occurring within the past 6-month period) which might influence management decisions.  This event might be specific to a particular Canadian business (example A), to a particular industry (example B), or it might be an economic, political, or societal event which has an effect on Canadian businesses in general (example C).

Example A:   Target Canada's closure leaves landlords with vacant real estate -

Example B:  Pulp and paper woes reach far and wide –

Example C:  Analysis Interest rate cut doubles effect of falling oil price: -


This is not a formal business report.  It should consist of a cover page, a description of the event, and an analysis of its effect on business.  This should not exceed 500 words.

At least 3 sources should be used for your research and they should be identified in a bibliography (separate page).


Font:  Arial or Times New Roman Size 12                Line Spacing:  double              

Margins:  1” on all sides                                        Numbered Pages

Bibliography:  Chicago style citation (


      For this first essay you are required to complete the following:

      By Wednesday, February 17, submit a keyed topic selection proposal that includes:

  1. A clear thesis statement (the same event ay be used by more than 1 student however, the thesis must be clearly different)
  2. A list of at least three newspaper or magazine articles, journal articles, books, internet and/or television programs you will use as sources for the essay

By Wednesday, February 24, submit the completed essay




Event description: completely describes the management challenge (when, what, where, how, and why)


     1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8      9      10  

Event analysis:   1. explains management response, 2. evaluates response, 3. supported conclusion explains why “best” OR makes recommendation(s) to improve


     1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8      9      10  

Communication:  Syntax, spelling, grammar, appropriate vocabulary


     1      2      3      4      5      

Technical:  Cover page, bibliography, font, line spacing, margins, numbered pages


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Sony sales are low and forces them out of Canada

        Deron Persaud

Sony has been losing money because of their poor sales in certain markets, and has forced them to close down all their stores in Canada. Sony’s spokesperson did not say if they were closing down the stores due to cost cutting, but it is assumed they did close them down to cut costs. Sony has been struggling to make money because they tried to expand to other markets that they shouldn’t have, such as the mobile market, and they got a little amount of sales. They will change the way they sell their products to their online store, and have told people to buy their stuff through other companies, like Best Buy. If Sony’s management team did better research and realized what the markets that they could, and couldn’t compete in, they would be in a better situation as a company.



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