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Merchandise About Nike

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Bill Bowerman-founder of the nike 1972, the University of Oregon track and field coaches.As a coach, he is very much concerned about his athletes, not only needs to understand the athlete's sports coaches.He is a teacher. He gave his players are "competitive response" - learn how to win. He also is bowerman innovators.In 1962, he inspired the New Zealand tour.back to the United States is running a new concept and a new physical fitness. Meanwhile,Sports in the United States reacted quickly to the revolutionary cause. He created a new training method the athlete's training methods have been completely changed. For loyalty, competitiveness and team spirit,bowerman to instil a little bit of his athletes,They gradually built the nike cooperation on the basis of culture. Steve Ballmer, as a coach,continue to make efforts to better the performance of his athletes, so he designed a more difficult for injured athletes.and enable them to better performance sports shoes, his shoes more than the lightweight sports shoes.He tested a variety of material comfort.the athletes and let him try.Tent-nike the founder (1957) he is an outstanding middle distance runner Although he did not win a lot of matches,But bowerman "competitiveness" reflects inspired him, so he has to pursue to achieve their own limits,Phil wishes and desires the best performance. Tenet to study business management at Stanford. He had an opportunity to produce an article on Japan,He believed thatAt that time, Japan will be a low-cost high-quality sports shoes in the United States market, instead of athletic shoes, Germany's leading position as coach Steve Ballmer, as well as the criteria of his athletes Tenet commercial principles. "competitive response" to make a pledge :: mental, physical, emotional concern : : : : do our best to compete to win. the blue team sports birth (1962) Phil. Tenet and Bill. Steve Ballmer, 500 U.S. dollars per investor agreementand the establishment of joint companies,for athletes with the most professional and better sports shoes. The new company is .. then brs blue sports companies or agents of the agent is licensed sports shoes tiger Japan,The main target is a relative while providing professional athletes and coaches. They began to build a new relationship with the athletes.Meanwhile, many of their lives will continue. access mba degree,Tenet began his Whole World in Mind. In Japan,Citing the high quality of professional sports shoes onitsuka tiger sports companies.They also began to identify and develop opportunities for the development of the market in the United States.In this way, a new company, Tenet named "Blue Ribbon Sports."------nike retailers, the predecessor of the early (1968) in 1968.oregon blue sports in the United States opened a second retail outlet.He became runner's paradise, because at that time, the technology has not really running shoes.So suddenly running a real feel for their campaigns and running the company and share their passion.Meanwhile assume the obligation to create authoritative professional sports shoes.Early in the campaign the court, retailers usually open.It provides a nike employees to study business and the establishment of direct contacts with our guests.Nike Company built. Steve Ballmer, we share commitments and obligationsThen each through teamwork and cooperation are available to pay much more than personal achievements. The birth of a new brand in just six months.Tenet asked the Polish National University of Fine Arts Department of the female college student, the design is a symbol of speed and power.Decided to use the blue swoosh, Tenet said, "not special like,However, I believe it is because we grew up together and we are. "Brand name Jeff. Chiang Sheng,nike's first full-time employee in a dream awakened "nike" inspiration. "nike"Greek goddess of victory in the wings. Health and the strong recommendations of the Committee adopted a decision after a week of controversy. nike's name and marks the first signs have appeared together in 1972 (1972) was the first nike product sales office in Poland. nike each employee with their friends and family members are encouraged to patronize an office block. nike started a grass-roots outreach (1972) blue sports first introduced in the 1972 U.S. Olympic Cross Country nike.Chess also saw the first runner outside the end of athletic shoes,Chess inspiration from the end of his making breakfast for the wife of Steve Ballmer, is the inspiration of sports shoes outside the wok Chess has been a revolutionary change in the end of the revolution but also the development of the runners,To provide a lightweight sports shoes.even wear the outside end. runner mark is a covert Chess wearing nike running shoes through the finish line at the end of the foreign athletes (1972) sidney wicks wearing nike sports shoes from the early signed sports star sidney wick. wicks is one of the first athletes wearing nike basketball shoes.As bowerman said, nike committed to the provision of light athletes.better wear a lot of athletes have a sense of the movement of equipment used nike sports equipment. nike the Soul (1973) in 1973.steve prefontaine American record holder, became the first athlete wearing nike sports shoes. bowerman been through the training,He makes a lot of young athletes are on the road to the nike this young sports brands. prefontaine 's reason was considered as "the soul of nike"He is the indomitable spirit and indomitable fighting spirit. and the desire for victory. Unfortunately,He lives only to 1975.The 24-year-old died in a car accident. Chess trainers (1974) plane and the associated consumer advertising first appeared in the United States in the back "runner magazine". This is a very exciting advertising another person,Bianqian become small for the same time. He has become a very good link consumers and the brand nike emotional way. In fact,"there is no launch line" (never end) is also the motto of nike,nike has never been complacent, we must always keep in front of the success and to our customers to provide the most authoritative,the most dynamic products and services. has not only products,Chess is the end of the company's training shoes become the best selling sports shoes from the United States. ,nike continued design and development of innovation and technology. This research and development for women in the trend of sports shoes made a mistake. To enhance stability,But in fact,It does not meet the principles of human movement. nike the first time in scientific and technological innovation wrong. nike started learning how to make professional sports shoes in a more professional performance of the campaign.with physiology, physics,and the materials used to make the multi-functional sports shoes 1976-1977 nike running on the support of the women's



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