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Visual Merchandising

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Digital Marketing




No work is a single man's effort. Cooperation, guidance and coordination are required at various levels for the successful completion of a project.

I take this opportunity to express my Gratitude to all those people who have been instrumental in successful completion of my project. I extend my sincere thanks to my faculty Mr. Priyank Badola, Ms. Pragya Pant, Mr. Vivek Singh Tomar, Dr. Easwaramoorthy and Prof. V P Kakkar, who helped me in all possible ways and constantly encouraged me throughout my research. I also thank them for their valuable guidance and for being understanding and giving supportive comments and suggestions throughout my research. All errors, if any, in the research are my sole responsibility.

I would also like to express my gratitude towards my parents and friends, who have always been my source of inspiration and motivation.


The primary object of this report is to look for the most effective way of marketing as well as to understand the need for digital marketing in the new era of technology which demands the new and the better ways of the functioning of the organization , to find the prime prospects or the target customer of digital marketing, this report focuses on the various strategy of digital marketing, frame work which companies uses for digital marketing and principles that company follows for effective digital marketing.

The primary objective of my project is to find the future of the digital marketing I have used (chi-square,frequency,t-test) to study the customer perception,ideas,views because they are our prime prospects and my ultimate purpose of the research is to understand new ways to increase customer value and satisfaction which in turn increases Roi of the company .

The primary objective is to study the effectiveness of the digital marketing (search, blogpodcast, text messaging, social bookmarking) as compared to the traditional marketing (TV, radio, news paper, pamplets).

The secondary objective of my research is to know our prime prospects and the relationship between the various attributes such as (age, gender)

Report contains the various case studies which show why digital marketing is now an integral part of any organization. Looking at the success of various companies such as Dove, X-box it is evident that now interactive marketing is the key to success.

It mentions how well has the various companies that followed the trend has been benefited and gained the edge over others companies (such as Apple, IBM, and explains how well have these companies adopted the new interactive marketing technique to benefit both the organization and the customer experience.

It highlights the best form or ways of the digital marketing that company could implement for better, effective and efficient output.

It also talks about the various challenges faced by the companies to adopt digital marketing, the scope of the digital marketing as well as the boundary limits of the project.

To collect insights as to how the regional digital marketing in coming years specific to investments tools and key focus areas.

Review of literature


Marketing -"Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value."

-Philip Kotler

The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing as "The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably".


Researchers are now focusing on the new marketing trends for egg (recession marketing, video marketing blogging, mobile marketing behavioral targeting, innovation, multicultural) adding to the customer value and the satisfaction.

Companies are now coming up with new and innovative, different ways to market their product, services, ideas, knowledge more and more research are being conducted to understand the customer preferences their buying behavior and psychology because the ultimate goal of the company is customer satisfaction and good return in investment.

Understanding customer means understating their psychology.

The study have showed that to market the product there is need to create it more attractive because it cost effectively engage customer at many touch during the purchase cycle

Various research have already conducted to understand the customer behavior and have proved that social marketing or search marketing is what now customer is more attracted to.

By the efforts of the many researchers, marketing heads it has been found that customer is now becoming addictive to new and innovative ways.

Study have showed that The most cost effective way or efficient way is now digital advertising all the advertising whether low ,medium or high budget companies are now looking for more attractive way to attach customer emotions to it .

Digital marketing -At the heart of the interactive advertising revolution is measurement

Specifically more precise techniques for measuring the user responses and interaction yielding the large amount of detail about the individual customer.

Ken's Biov - " Digital Marketing, a new digital technique focused on helping brands increase their digital influence by employing the most engaging and cost-effective customer channels such as search, word-of-mouth and social media "

Steven noble- "Digital consumers and interactive marketing in Asia pacific - is the state of play.

Scott godstein-"the power of digital branding trough lens of obama campaign"



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