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Marketing Rules

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This is an introduction with insight on what Guerrilla Marketing is. The main idea of Guerrilla Marketing is to try and get the most out of advertising, by using the least expense. There was a statement that suggested using alternative plans rather than standard expensive plans discussed in textbooks. Most of those plans are developed for large corporations with a huge spending budget. Guerrilla's don't have the same revenue to spend on large advertising campaigns. The best plan is to make the most of the money that is available to the company. Technology is a huge benefit to business owners of today. In today's society this is something that must be pursued and will also offer huge benefits to the Guerrilla's. There also was general information about tomorrow's customer. One aspect that stood out, was the fact that they will be less forgiving and will greatly appreciate warmth and attention. There was also a list of the fastest growing areas. These areas are Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Texas and Utah.

Entrepreneurial marketing is to be very profitable for the owner who wants to get it right the first time. This helps by focusing on the task at hand and trying to perfect the operation. The single most effective improvement a company can make, is reducing as many errors as possible. There also is a slim possibility that only a few customers are enough to run a business and make a profit. This is very important in understanding the way key customers spend at your company. 80/20 rules are very important to keep in mind. This is a rule that tells us that 80% of the profits come from 20% of the customers. There is also the key to try and make the most out of the money spent. One great example is how to use a business card effectively. The business card should have as much information as possible. This will help to get the entire guerilla effect. A business card can provide valuable information, but it can also be used as a resume. A small business also has the chance to get up close and personal with it's customers. This is a great tool for the Guerrilla that is willing to try and be involved with the customer.

There are thirteen important marketing secrets. This is a list of secrets that are used by the guerilla's in the marketing industry. The main secrets that stood out to me were, that you must commit to your marketing program and make your prospects confident in your business. Run your business in a way that makes it as convenient as possible for the consumer. Use measurement to make a judgement on how effective you weapons are. Becoming dependent upon fellow business men and they will become dependent on you. These were some of the secrets that stood out to me. I think that they are very important and I would use them in my business life. All of the secrets were specific ideas in a company and how they will benefit.

There are also many things that can be done when developing a Guerrilla marketing plan. The first step is to find a niche and fill it. This will allow the company to focus and will also allow the customers an idea on what to expect from the company. The next plan is to position the product. When positioning the product it will help the customer know what the products focus is and will also help the managers find out the what the focus is and keep a specific plan. It is also very important to not, just target one particular market. You have to be flexible enough to target many markets and be aware of the changes. To find this out it is good to know how to contact different groups of people. Older people rely on mass media and women of today are much more involved in the business life. On the other hand there are many people that are driven by technology. All of which are examples of different perspectives. This can be a great tool for finding ways to contact people with minimal effort. Use tools such as the Internet to build a plan, then implement it.

Secrets of saving marketing money. This means that you should be sure to stretch your dollar as much as possible. This helps to keep the idea of saving money. There are not many companies that have unlimited funds dedicated to marketing and research. Guerilla's make the money available work and make it work to get the best possible results. It is also very important to barter for the exchange of advertisement. You will never know the possibilities unless you pursue them. Be sure to only advertise in adds that you can afford, because Guerilla's have a limited fund and the add will have to be paid for. The most important statement of this chapter to me was, that there are two types of advertising, expensive and inexpensive.

The secrets of obtaining free research, is a great tool. The three most important things to do are to test, test, and test. This will allow you to gain the knowledge of what the consumer wants and what they don't want. There is a list of twenty crucial questions. These questions very from where the customer lives to, to what they like the most about your company. There are four cheap way in which to gather information. The first is the local liberty. There is a huge amount of information that can be found at the library. The best way to obtain this information is to contact the librarian and ask questions. Most librarians are very friendly and will be more than willing to help you in your research. The next method is your customers and they are often overlooked. They are a great source of information and are just waiting to be utilized. There can be a questionnaire prepared to ask about 10 to 20 questions. These questions can be used to make improvements and change. The greatest source of information is the Internet. This source allows you to find tons of potential and usable information. The best way to get good on the Internet is to stay on top of it and keep using it. There are lots of people in many different areas, that are willing to make suggestions. One great area is the chat rooms. In chat rooms there are many people who are very literate on the computer and can give you a great deal of feedback.

Personal letters can be very effective and inexpensive. Personal letter are always good to send out and will give a personal touch. This will help the customer identify with the company and will help to remind them of the time and efforts that was put into



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