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Main 8 Dave a Bl

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Main 8 Dave a Bl




How could this happen to me ?


Chapter 4: Oh would you look at that


Yay chapter four. It does exist.

Chapter Text

They finally come to a stop when they are in front of a large apartment building in a part of town that was abandoned. Dave is amazed by the building that only looked like some high end up shady people lived in the complex. Bro and Cal will appear by his side, resting a hand on his shoulder. "How's it feel to be home at last?"

"good." He replied looking at the opposing building standing in front of him. Of course Dave wasn't too excited since he had no idea what horrors were in that building. Bro squeezes his shoulder as he points him towards the staircase, pointing him up "I arranged a surprise too. Your fans have been missing you like crazy, so we're going to put up a room to say hello and welcome back. You excited?"

Dave follows where the other had pointed. He was slightly nervous about this surprise and he knew it had something to do with the videos. "Yeah." He replied. Face heads up the stairs and is confused on where to go.

Bro has to unlock the door anyway so he doesn't have to guess the apartment. Inside the small one-bedroom apartment isn't much larger than the one they left behind, but much more crowded. He may be surprised at the sheer number of sexy toys in the open. Dave follows behind the other and looks around the apartment. He was surprised by the sheer amount of sex toys and other objects that littered the small apartment. He shoves his hands into his pockets trying to figure out how anyone could live like this. The giant screen is pretty awesome though. Bro moves to it, fiddling with the controls. A face fills the screen. His face. Well something eerily close to his face. He's blonde, he has red eyes though perhaps a little more orange than his. It may be hard to remember exactly what his own face looked like since there had been no mirrors in their little prison apartment. Dave notices this and comes to the conclusion that there are cameras in the apartment. Though he wasn't going to lie the big screen tv was pretty awesome. He stands behind the futon that looked well worn out that had orange pillows and bedding on it.

Bro pushes play. it seems this is one of those videos he's been promised. His own face towering over him. The surround sound system pumping moans and whimpers into Dave's very bones. As the camera pulls back he can see the Dave on the screen is easing a finger into his ass 'like this bro?' 'yeah just like that...'

Dave's blood goes cold watching the video that was playing. He was in shock because the person on the screen looked a bit like him except the others eyes were a darker shade of red then his. The other also looked like he had more muscle then he did as well.

Bro is standing right behind him, watching with glistening eyes. "What do you think? You've always been pretty photogenic. You just shine on camera" the scene is already to change. Dave is bound and gagged, bucking and straining against the ropes as a vibrating toy torments him. The younger males eyes are wide and wondering if the other really expected him to do this. He already knew the answer was yes he was expected to do this and more. Dave was surprised the older male hadn't been arrested yet and then was disgusted with the perverts that got off on this shit. He didn't let the last thoughts show since he didn't want to upset the other.

A picture shows him afterwards, covered in red lines where the ropes had burned into his skin yet somehow angelically beautiful. the next video... hes so young! How old had he been when Bro started doing this to him? There was no toy inside of him, but a person. His head is tilted back and... make that two people now. Bro comes to sit beside him, putting an arm over his shoulders "You used to be scared, when you were little. Ah but you had me wrapped around your little finger in no time once you figured out just how beautiful you really are"

Dave watches the video in shock because the kid on the screen looked no older then six or seven. He didn't know how to respond to this though he didn't think Bro was expecting something out of him. The next video was of a preteen tied downed to a bench and then a toy was slowly being moved by a machine into his body. Bro leans onto Dave, one of his hands loosening Dave's pants as they watch. No one can listen to those lovely moans for long without getting aroused, just helping him along "I once left you on the fucking machine for two days when you were being a little shit. probably the only time you ever got enough of it."

Dave arches into the others touch ashamed that he was getting turned on by these videos that were playing. He shifts back some moaning soft as more videos played on the screen that he wasn't paying that much attention to any more. Dave has done everything. Toys, costumes, bondage, gang bangs. He is a professional by now! "Look" a wonderful shot as Dave is covered in cum, slyly licking a little off his fingers for the camera. Bro has begun to pull Dave into his lap, discarding his pants entirely. Dave glances at the screen in order to see that scene. He doesn't fight the other when his pants are discarded and he is pulled into the others lap. He could feel the prominent tent in the others pants.

Bro pulls off Dave's shirt and nuzzles his neck "They're watching you y'know. there are cameras here and they're all watching you be a slut" rubs his thighs, spreading them wider for their unseen audience. Dave glances around the room for cameras but didn't see any. He felt even more exposed by the fact that his legs were being held wide apart giving the views a good view of him. His dick is hard and dripping some precum do to the others attention to it. Bro slides his hands up to press on his nipples "I've been letting you recover, but I cant wait forever. I want to fuck you Dave. Fuck you wide open just like on the screen. Do you want it Dave?"

The small nubs slowly begin to harden under the others fingers. "no." He replies shaking his head along



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