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Lunar Eclipse Lab

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Title: Phases and Eclipses of the Moon

Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to demonstrate the different phases of the moon during its revolution around the earth and also to display solar and lunar eclipses.

Hypothesis: I think that by following the procedure, I will successfully complete this lab in showing the phases of the moon throughout its revolution and the solar and lunar eclipses because I am moving the moon correctly.

Independent variable: Movement of the moon

Dependent variable: Phases of the moon and the lunar and solar eclipses


1. Tape

2. Scissors

3. Model Earth

4. Ruler

5. Pen/marker

6. Piece of string cut to 80 in. long and marked every 10 inches

7. Light equip with working bulb (acts as the Sun)

8. Model of the Moon

9. 3 people all together to demonstrate moon phases and eclipses

Procedure (Phases of the Moon):

1. Gather materials.

2. Take the string and fold it in half so that it equals 160 inches.

3. Mark the string every 20 inches (this should equal to 8 marks around the strings).

4. Place the string on the floor with tape making a circle.

5. Choose 3 people to represent the Earth, Sun and Moon.

6. Place the person representing the Earth on the outside of the circle, the person holding the Moon on the circle (making sure they are holding the moon in their arm, away from their body), and the person representing the Sun on the other side (approximately



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