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Lab For Elt 102

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In today's

expirement we learned how to make a digital combinational logic cirucit

designed to open door locks using specific digital codes. The lock we made was able to be

opened using two different codes. When the right codes were entered into the switch bank

the LED(Light-emitting diode) would light up symbolizing that if it was a real lock that it

would be unlocked from the combination that was just put into the switch board. The

circuit we created was made up of two different type of circuit's a four input AND circuit

and a two input OR circuit. Once the AND circuit was satisfied it activates the OR

circuit so that now the signal goes to the LED which will light up if all connections were

done correctly .

The upper AND circuit was able to light the LED on its own but we needed to

created a digital combinational logic circuit that was capable of having tow different

codes to open the lock( light the LED). To achieve this we added a lower AND circuit

Because this to would carry its own combination code and fulfill the requirements in this

lab. The inverters were all in different positions in this experiment which allowed for

different codes to be needed to open the lock( light the LED). Without the inverters the



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