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Luminary About How To Kill A Mockingbird

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I have just picked up this book recently, after reading most of it at an earlier time. So this was just kind of a “review” or a “refresher” to get myself familiar with what is going on in the story, because I honestly forget everything.

I skimmed through chapters 5-10 so I will just write mainly about those.

Scout and Jem are curious about the old neighbor, Boo Radley. They hear lots of stories about him and decide for themselves, against their fathers approval, to investigate and figure out what he is about.

Throughout the summer, they develop a friendly relationship with Boo. They haven’t met him, only seen him through windows. He is friendly with the kids when he leaves them little surprises in the old oak tree after school. At first it was a few small pieces of gum, then it is toys. One time Jem and Scout are at Boo’s house and get a call home from their father that they have to leave right away. Panicked, the kids run and jump over the fence, but Jem’s pants tear and has to go home pantless and explain why he does not have them. He gets reprimanded and is told not to visit Boo anymore.

The next day after school, the pants are mended and hung over a branch on the oak tree.

I think the kids kind of want to show everybody that Boo isn’t really a bad person, he has just made some mistakes (not revealed yet) in the past. I’m curious to see what is in the future. I don’t know if something will happen to Boo, or he will commit some sort of heroic gesture to show the town he is a good person. Hopefully the kids will vouch for him.



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