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Lowering College Tuition Is a Must!

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Essay Preview: Lowering College Tuition Is a Must!

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Lowering College Tuition is a Must!

70% of college students stress about finances and 32% of students reported neglecting their studies at least sometimes because of the money they owed. High tuition is a big problem in society that needs to change. I believe colleges should reduce tuition because many people don’t have the money to afford college, they lose opportunities due to high cost in tuition, and it’s a financial burden.

First of all, college is highly expensive and I strongly believe many students have the dedication and motivation but unfortunately don’t have the money to afford college. My sister has a friend named Brittney who had all the qualities of being a successful college student. She was smart, motivated, and hard working. Brittney’s parents didn’t have the money to send her off to college so she never got the opportunity. Many others like Brittney are in the same situation as her due to the tragic high costs in tuition.

Also, students all across the United States lose many opportunities that come their way because of all the money being spent on college tuition. Having to pay for these high costs is having us worry more on money than actual success. Not being able to focus on bettering ourselves results in us losing many opportunities. For example, my cousin worked day and night to make enough money to pay for her tuition. Doing this, she never had enough time to study for her classes and almost lost the opportunity of passing her class. Also, 32% of student’s reported neglecting their studies at least sometimes because of the money they owed. Having these things happen on a day to day basis is another reason why college tuition should be lowered.

Lastly, college tuition can be a huge financial burden on any college student. It puts students in a hard place to worry and overthink because of the expenses. “After finishing my master’s degree in 2008, I found out that I



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