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Like Water For Chocolate (Chapter Summary 4, 5, 6)

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Essay Preview: Like Water For Chocolate (Chapter Summary 4, 5, 6)

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David E. Nino

Chapter Summary of 4, 5, 6

As the story continues, Tita is inspired to make a very special meal called "Turkey mole with Almonds and Sesame Seeds." The inspiration cause for this meal, is the baptism for her new baby nephew Roberto. Tita treated Roberto as if it was her own by feeding the child with her very own bosom in secrecy, after all it is the seed of her true love, Pedro. Tita began grinding the sesame seeds with almonds in the kitchen, then suddenly she and Pedro had a sexually encounter not physically, but emotionally with body language. It was clear that the two were ready to exchange, breaths, touch, and love, but before any physical contact it was interrupted by Chencha. Months later Tita became tormented because she started to have sudden doubts about Pedro and Rosaura, that maybe Pedro has fallen in love for Rosaura because Pedro has stopped having cravings for Tita's cooking. But what Tita didn't know is that Mama Elena, has deliberately told Pedro to stop praising Tita's cooking because it was making Rosaura jealous. Despite of the situations Tita has another encounter not sexually but a troubled one. She meets Dr. John Brown, she didn't talk much to him, but it seemed like she was interested.

Pedro, Rosaura, and little Roberto move to San Antonio, Texas. Ever since this movement Tita has lost all interest in life. One morning Tita began making chorizo with Elena, while making this sausage Chencha rushes in and cries that Roberto died. Elena stayed calm and didn't allow anyone to cry but instead to continue working. Tita snapped with anger, and told Elena that she was sick of taking her orders! Mama Elena furious, took a wooden spoon and hit poor Tita across the face. Tita then ran outside and up a ladder into a dovecote. The ladder was then ordered by Elena to be removed, Tita spend that night with only the



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