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Leadership Personality

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My Leadership Personality

Not everybody in this world has the courage and strength to fight for their rights. Even today, there are lot of people who does not even get a chance to get basic education and they still fight for their rights.

Brigham Young once said ‘’you educate men but if you educate the women, it is equivalent of educating the whole generation’’. In today’s world, everybody is given the freedom to educate themselves, but this is not same even in the most developing countries like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc, where the girls are refused to seek basic education which is a basic right for any human being.

I personally admire one of the greatest personalities, is Ms.Malala Yousafzai. Initially I wasn’t much aware of her where about nor her personalities. But her simple beginnings and childhood stories drew my attention and admiration towards her. Like every other teenager 17 years of age, she never showed any interests in ongoing trend for fashion or the greed for knowing or being a tech savvy read about technology. Malala was born to a very orthodox and conservative family in Pakistan, where her father was running small private school in Pakistan. Her father encouraged and motivated her to get involved in politics to help the people to get their basic rights. And also actively take part in other community activities to promote the welfare of the women and children.

And because of her father’s encouraging and inspiring words, Malala decided to share her personal story. She wanted to tell the world, that how young girls in Pakistan, were refused to go to school because of the influence and restriction from the Taliban Power. So she decided to tell her story with the help of present technology and social media by creating a blog for BBC news channel, under the fictitious name, called “Life of teenage girl under Taliban rule.” Her Blog attained immediate revolutionary attention from every nook and corner of the world and that made her popular overnight. She told the world through her words that were sharp as a pointing knife, how the parallel rule of Taliban restricted the empowerment and welfare of female children education. The world of education and books of knowledge we shut before the young enthusiastic minds hearts of the young female children of Pakistan, who could have been a bunch of promising personalities in the future and their contributions to the society and world would have been phenomenal. But her sheer determination and courage didn’t keep her away from education, instead she took the tough pathway to seek education against the restriction and obstacles set to her by the said power.  

Her continuous struggle and determination made her to conclude to the statement that, she would play an important role and contribute her actions, towards putting an end to the Barbarian Taliban Rule and free all the girls and women from any restrictions.  One of the important leadership qualities that I admire about in this young girl is that, she had a vision on how to go for it. “A common vision: to freedom and to seek education for all the womanhood.”

Her caring and loving approach and interaction gained a lot admiration and many were inspired by her. She was indeed a courageous young woman who never feared to express or to speak out her mind and to fight for herself and others rights, at a very young age, in the present unpredictable real world. And this very attitude of her led to the exposure of her identity to the parallel rule of Taliban. There were eruptions of anger and hatred among the men of Taliban, and they decided to put an end to her vision by not sparing her life. As she was being serious threat towards the existence of the Taliban group



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