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My Leadership Style - Personal Essay

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Having known myself and my nature for a long time, I would say that my leadership style would be “COERCIVE STYLE”. As this leadership style says that it defines a particular style of a person wherein the leader demands immediate compliance and shows aggressiveness with his followers as we believe that “if you want to get work done from someone, you’ll have to be rough and create fear of losing something in them”. This is the leadership style of choice when a company is in crisis. If an organization is in serious trouble, they may want to hire a person like me.


In the coming future, I would like to take over my family business as I am very keen and interested on the grounds which my predecessors have laid and the empire they have built starting from scratch. It is one of my values that I have to respect the foundation which my ancestors have laid down and continue their legacy.

Apart from this, my key interest lies in trade with the African continent, as they are one of the secluded continents on this planet and deserve more recognition. Africa has a large quantity of natural resources including diamonds, salt, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, silver, petroleum and cocoa beans, but also woods and tropical fruits. Much of its natural resources are undiscovered or barely harnessed. Having a low human density, for a long period of time Africa has been colonized by more dynamic groups, exploiting African resources. Apart from all these facts, the tax rates in Africa are low and would be a perfect place from me to set up my business. I would still be a COERCIVE LEADER in any form of business I decide to start because it is my belief that you have to be a strict leader and demand immediate compliance from followers and follow the “DO WHAT I TELL



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