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Personal Case - Management for Leadership

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Personal Case:


While I was working with Accenture and was leading the software development team, my team and I had conflicts with the Testing team lead. The problem was that the Testing Lead always went back on his word even after discussing and coming to a common conclusion for the functionalities to be developed on calls with the client and would bring up issues\defects that were not even in the scope of the implementation plan and tried to convince the client to get those developed within that development iteration which caused delay in our delivery leading to loss of business from client. Although, he was an employee of Accenture but he always backed and supported developers of other companies involved in the project and tried to cover up their mistakes whereas magnifying even small error from my team.


I was working with Accenture which is a global management consulting and professional services firm that provides strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations services and is a Fortune 500 company. At that moment of the incident I was working in the Digital Consulting division of the company. Our client was IHG (Inter-Continental Hotels Group) which is a multi-national hospitality company with hotels nearly in 100 countries and includes several brands like Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza and StayBridge suites. IHG currently provides consulting services to independent hotels and other hotel chains regarding the pricing strategy and promotional offers that they need to focus to increase their revenue. To provide consultation they had developed Excel based revenue models and used VBA in excel to process the data and use the results to help provide consultation. So, now the client wanted to develop a digital Revenue Management system which would completely eliminate the use of excels and drastically reduce manual data processing time and reduce costs by downsizing the current team of 56 data analyst. For the project, the client had a team of 4 who were managing the



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