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Leadership Concept Worksheet

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Leadership Concepts Worksheet

Concept Application of Concept in the Scenario or Simulation Reference to Concept in Reading

Work Team Effectiveness Gene One shows its performance criterion by eradicating disease in tomatoes and potatoes. There is win-to-win situation as farmers no longer needed to use pesticides and consumers can buy homegrown products. This shows that the group is satisfying clients and customers. The Company seems to be on the accurate path, however issues arise after their IPO decision. Teri Robertson, CTO, and Michelle Houghton, CFO, have contradicting ideas on the financial challenges and research activities. They do not get along. Susan Wells, Executive Board Member, has doubts about the capability and the desire of some of the team members to make the IPO happen, which may affect the process in a negative way. Gene One needs to structure effective team before initiating the IPO. "Effective teams invest a great amount of time effort exploring and agreeing on the purpose that gives them direction. In contrast, failed teams rarely develop a common purpose" (Dewald Sherry L, 2002, p.166).

Cohesiveness Gene One’s leadership team seemed to lack a sense of cohesiveness. The lack of cohesiveness was shown at the meeting held on March 8, 2005. During the meeting, some of the team members were confrontational because of the different opinions that were displayed at the meeting. Some team members were excited about the IPO transformation process, while others showed concern about the process. After the meeting, several members of the team started to conduct informal meeting to discuss the future of the Company. “Cohesive groups have a general perception of "we-ness." There is a feeling of friendship and loyalty among group members. The group also has high morale” (University of Delaware, Communications, 2008)

Organizational Behavior Gene One needs to take into account the employees when deciding which path to take. Greg Thoman, Chief HR Officer, makes the point that employees could panic if they fear the company will fail. He is concerned about how to inform the employees on the transformation. Gene One needs to assure the employees by sharing its plans and giving periodic updates. “Organizational behavior is important for the organization’s financial health. Companies applying organizational behavior ideas have three times the level of financial success as companies without these practices,” (McShane & Von Glinow, 2005, ch. 1, p. 9).

Organizational Learning Michelle Houghton, CFO, and Greg Thoman, Chief HR Officer, investigate the SOA requirements. The Act requires an IPO Board to have at least one member with financial experience as CPA or CFO. It also requires that the Board have three committees to represent auditing, compensation and nominating.



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