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Leadership And Management Challenges

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What does the film say about leadership and group dynamics in difficult circumstances?

Leadership style is the recurring pattern of behaviors exhibited by a leader. In this movie we can see how much leadership is important. Bringing together two totally different people was not an easy task, and without the leader they had it would have never worked. Coach Herman Boone was the man everyone looks to for advice, he might not have been the most respected, but he had a plan and the motivation to accomplish it. Most leader- behavior research is focused on two dimensions of leadership style, the concern for the task to be accomplished and the concern for the people doing the work. In this movie both these styles were apparent, we could see the determination in the coaches voice, as well as the determination in the players, although they did not want to work together, they all had a common goal. Almost like when you work for an organization, there will be times when you do not always like the people you're working with but you will all have the common goal of success much like the movie; with the help of a determined leader anything can be done. In this film power was an important aspect, naturally everyone enjoys having power. Legitimate. Power. It is the ability to influence through authority- the right, by virtue of one's organizational position or status, to exercise control over persons in subordinate position. Herman Boone in the film was clearly following this type of power, he had the ability as well as the influence, he controlled all members of the team and treated them all equally, he succeeded with his plan to bring the team to the top.



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