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La La Land Movie Review

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La La Land Movie Review

I had high expectation going in and my expectation was met 10 folds. Finally a musical with great songs and truly attractive leads that have a realistic ending. This movie grab you from the opening credit and take you on a dazzling ride throughout and drop you back into reality feeling happy and full of optimism. Two hours flew by. The story is a classic love tale with some very memorable dance scenes. I was very impressed by Mr. Gosling's piano playing. Some scenes reminded me of Fred and Ginger.Yes, vocals are a huge issue with regard to the lead actors (Godling and Stone), but the entire film transcends modern conceptions of filmmaking. It is whimsical, depressing, cathartic, and inspiring (etc) all at once. Truly, truly a brilliant film.With a likable involving relationship at its heart, even on very familiar story terrain, "LA LA LAND" displays a gallery of fresh styles and tones that show dreams can become real life for some people.I loved musicals since I was a kid. But until recently there hasn't been only a few new ones. It was a surprise to see Ryan sing,dance and play the piano. I thought Emma's singing was questionable until the audition scene. Where she redeemed herself. The old and new Hollywood styles worked together very nicely. My surprise came in the closing credits where I noticed Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez's grandchildren produced the movie. They would have made their grandparents proud.



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