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Kofi Annan's Effects On Canada Trip

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Essay Preview: Kofi Annan's Effects On Canada Trip

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Mr. Kofi Annan is, I feel, one of the most important people in mankind today. He is the Secretary-General of The United Nations. Last March, he came to deliver a speech on Canada's position in the world. He thanked and congratulated us on what we have done in the world. He also admits that more needs to be done by rich nations like us. This I feel will spark some controversy because I feel Canada has done enough for the world and the UN should be satisfied with their efforts.

I feel Mr. Kofi Annan's speech will inspire and motivate the rest of The United Nations (it's countries) and even us to keep committing or even add even more to what each and every one of us do. The proposal by Mr. Kofi Annan may bring many different advantages in helping our mixed up world. First, I feel it may get countries like the USA to get up off their stubborn behinds to start helping other nations instead of calling war on every one of them. The USA may feel that they are slowing or stopping terrorist activities worldwide, but they are only increasing the number of terrorist activities since they declared war on terrorism. They decide to concentrate places where there isn't very much terrorist activity or even any hostility. Places like Afghanistan or Iraq may have had militants but they were not an immediate threat to anyone. They should have occupied places where help is needed most like in the Middle East where clashes between Palestinians and Israel have been numerous and brutal to this day. Maybe by listening to the speech the USA will see that there are other ways of helping the world besides bombing anyone they don't like.

This speech may let Canada know that they're role in the world is greatly appreciated which may lead to a greater participation with The United Nations and other poorer nations. We have been an outstanding part of the development of many developing nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq and some African nations. When we realize that we had not been just making our selves look good politically, we were making a huge difference. I can just see in the future Canada getting world support in the event of a crisis just as we have aided many others. I can just see the Chinese, the Russians the Germans, the French and the English running to our aid in the event of a disaster of any kind. I can see them sending in any available money to help fund a project we will make for the world or even ourselves.

Other nations will see Canada's involvement in the world and give us a lot respect. We will not be like the Americans and scare other nations into siding with us. They will on their own will respect us and be our partners and always back us up in everything. We will be a new force in the worldÐ'... much more powerful than the Americans. We will have more of the nations of the world behind our pinkie. The Americans will become powerless.

World poverty may in fact come to a pleasant end. With Canada's example other nations will follow, do their part and every nation will be up and running at par with the rest of the world. There will be a great drop in HIV/AIDS cases in Africa. North Korea may even drop their weapon plans with alternative plans from Canada. Militant groups may drop their arms because they have no need to fight for anything as they now have it all. Canada's example will create a greater political unity with many nations worldwide. With this unity poverty will be banished for good and never will be a threat to anyone in the world. Their commitment in the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION will also lead to a healthier planet so sicknesses and diseases will play no part on earth.

Although Mr. Kofi Annan's speech may lead to good it may also lead to bad. Canada and other richer nations may get very demoralized and may pull out of many plans seeing that their work is not making any difference in the state of the world. Nations will become upset or maybe even angry with the UN and perhaps become hostile and make some harsh actions. Militants will see that their people are beginning to suffer and may plan attacks to punish other nations for being too greedy. Nations would probably be too infuriated to help each other so the world would be in a state of panic with no way out.

This speech may in fact lower morale and cooperation of other nations that are members. They may realize that the UN takes their efforts for granted. They may decide to reduce efforts in anger or may even pull out completely putting the UN into chaos. The UN will become worthless and may have to decide to close its doors to nations in need. If this were the case, the third world countries would be thrown into the hands on militants and sicknesses with no organisations there to protect them like it had been before. Haiti will not be stopped from having a genocide as has been mentioned in Mr. Kofi Annan's speech to the Canadian parliament. Haiti may suffer the same consequences as had been 11 years ago in Rwanda.

If the UN were to close its doors, North Korea may also have easy access



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