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Knowledge Management

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The best way to find out what KM is all about and how other people in the rest of

the world are practicing KM is to pick up a KM magazine. This can be done at or . For those who have discovered the

power of KM, these two websites have what you need to stay on top of new

developments, select among KM options and find answers to your questions.

The next place to go would be the International Center for Applied Studies in

Information Technology (ICASIT) at ICASIT has implemented a

broadly focused effort to help organisations understand and implement Knowledge

Management processes. ICASIT's KM site includes materials for a general introduction

to KM, overviews and links to KM technologies, emerging KM trends and best industry

practices. This site is well organised and will allow you to pick up the basics of KM very


On a regional basis, a recognised US-based resource for driving KM is the American

Productivity and Quality Centre ( APQC works with its member

organisations to identify best practices, discover effective methods of improvement,

broadly disseminate findings, and connect individuals with one another and the

knowledge, training, and tools they need to succeed.

The Information Society Directorate of the European Commission has launched a

KM portal at This will give you a good perspective on what

the Europeans are doing on KM.

In Singapore, the Information and Knowledge Management Society (

is a non-profit organisation that serves the community of information and knowledge

management professionals. It facilitates the availability



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