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Knowledge Management

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Knowledge Management (IT) within organizations is nothing new. It has been around for many years, even before the 1960ÐŽ¦s, which brought about the age of computers. Computers, during that time period were much larger than those of later years and were primarily used for accounting and record-keeping functions and could perform these tasks much faster than humans. Knowledge Management and the way it is employed in organizations have changed dramatically since that time. Knowledge Management continues to grow and expand at a rapid pace impacting more organizations every day.

This technology has become a seamless web of computers, networks, and databases that has and will continue to put an organizationÐŽ¦s vast amount of information at its clients and potential clientÐŽ¦s fingertips, and has fundamentally changed the way in which many organizations conduct business. In order for an organization to achieve its grand vision utilizing Knowledge Management will depend largely on how successfully its management integrates technology and its capabilities into each layer of the organization. The managers within the organization will have to continually implement programs and procedures that will enable them to successfully apply IT with the greatest benefits.

The intended purpose of this paper is to explain the many roles and effects of Knowledge Management and its affect on:

Ñ"ж The roles of Knowledge Management in todayÐŽ¦s organizations

Ñ"ж The relationship of Knowledge Management to over all organizational management

Ñ"ж Education requirements for the Chief Information Officer

Ñ"ж Ideal training programs for Knowledge Management managers

Ñ"ж Distinguish between Computer Science Program Graduates and Knowledge Management Graduates

Ñ"ж Distinguish between General Management Graduates and Knowledge Management Graduates.

Our first discovery will be that of the role of Knowledge Management in todayÐŽ¦s organizations and the major challenges facing managers in current information environment.

The role of Knowledge Management in todayÐŽ¦s organizations is vast. IT has allowed many organizations to:

Ñ"ж Automate their daily workload

Ñ"ж Share information throughout the organization with out the traditional paper trail

Ñ"ж Allowed them to respond quicker to communication requirements

Ñ"ж Organizations can process information faster which saves time and money

Ñ"ж Enabled many organizations to take their businesses online

IT within organizations has been extremely beneficial. One area that many people have benefited from its presence is that of education.

From an educational standpoint, IT has presented new tools with which to teach and has given the student new avenues through which receive a quality education. With educational television and the InternetÐŽ¦s online distance learning concept, teachers and non-traditional students can mainstream their efforts for vast knowledge while remaining employed fulltime. Educators are aiding in pioneering new uses for technology. Such as e-mail, this has opened up new channels of convenient communication between teachers and students. Posting studentÐŽ¦s project/homework and collaboration between students and professors is becoming commonplace. The conventional classroom may quite possibly become a thing of the past if IT continues on its presence course. Soon neither work nor age nor location will be able to impede anyone who desires an education from getting one.

Another prime example of IT affect on education is the Computer and Assistive Technology for the state of Georgia Employees with learning disabilities. Georgia is a trailblazer in ensuring that its citizens have access to the assistive technology needed to lead full and productive lives. (1) The stateÐŽ¦s assistive technology unit has evolved over time; currently it has two branches ÐŽV one focuses on equipping individuals with technology that will help them to work, and the other, called ÐŽ§Tools for Life,ЎЁ provides technology services to all Georgians with disabilities regardless of age or work status. (1) A quality education is a goal of all students. Technology is becoming a major player is assisting students to obtain their education. Although IT has had a positive role in todayÐŽ¦s organizations, there are challenges that most manager face.

The role of IT is rapidly evolving and with it, managers are faced with many challenges and intense pressure to keep their organization moving in the right direction. Although they are faced with many challenges, the one I believe are major and could prove to be detrimental to an organization are:

Ñ"ж Training and Education: On a daily basis managers are face with ensuring that they have personnel with the necessary skills and IT knowledge to use the technology they have as well as new ones, to meet the needs of the customers and the organization. Employees must demonstrate technical skills and a desire for professional development to truly be an asset to the organization. Managers must strive to only employ personnel who can meet the demands of growing technology and who would become an asset not a liability.

Ñ"ж Delivery of information: Many organizations are challenged with delivering information at a rapid pace, yet in expensive, to a large number of customers who need it to make critical decisions in their business operations. They may be required to deliver the same information to a large number of customers yet in different forms and must be able to or risk losing clients. The organization must have the infrastructure to support these needed capabilities.

Ñ"ж Security and Privacy: Networks and computers systems are becoming increasingly vulnerable to attacks. Unauthorized disclosure, theft, or malicious attacks on an organizationÐŽ¦s network could cause irreversible damage to the business. Much of the information that is stored in and/or pass through the network include things such as purchase orders, business documents, employees and customers records, credit card information, and in medical organization, medical records. This vital information must be protected and a good security plan will play a vital role in keeping this information



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