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Kite Runner

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Essay Preview: Kite Runner

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Chapter 1

1) "that was a long time ago, but it's wrong what they say about the past, i've learned, about how you can bury it. because the past claws its way out."

*the narrator is looking back on what he has once witnessed long ago, and it's haunting him, makes him feel guilty and ashamed.

2) "I thought about something Rahim khan had said just before he hung up... There is a way to be good again."

*the narrator's friend, Rahim Khan, is expressing indirectly that no matter what the narrator has done in his past, he will forgive him, and help him.

Chapter 2

1) "Hassan never denied me anything...but he never told on me. never told that the mirror, like shooting walnuts at the neighbor's dog, was always my idea."

*the narrator's friend Hassan would never tell him "no", always went along with his ideas, and never told on him, he was a very loyal friend.

2)"later, in the dark, er like Baba, who was very strong, confident, and played such an important role in the community.

2)"If i hadn't seen the doctor pull him out of my wife with my own eyes, i'd never believe he's my son."

*Baba is somehow ashamed to have Amir as a son, he's skeptical because they are so different and Amir is like his opposite in so many ways.

Chapter 4

1)"The curious thing was, i never thought of Hassan and me as friends either."

*Although they spent their childhood together, Amir was ashamed to say that Hassan was his friend because of...



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