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Kite Runner

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I disliked the ending of the book. It was definitely NOT a happy ending. I understand the ending and the significance of it not being a happy one, but that does not make me feel satisfied with it. The promise of the rest of the book is an ending of redemption and hope. People in the class argued opposite me saying that the ending was hopeful and that children are not resilient. I will defend, in brief, my perspective as to why I believe children are resilient and why I didnÐŽ¦t feel the bookÐŽ¦s conclusion was what it was promised.

Children are resilient and I say it speaking from experience. ÐŽ§ResilientЎЁ is not a term that denotes without being traumatized. As a child I experienced many traumatic and damaging things, things that child should never have to endure and at an early age found myself feeling just like Sohrab, tired of ÐŽ§going throughЎЁ and without affect due to the incessant numbing pain that I felt over and over. I will NEVER forget and it will forever be a part of me. It traumatized me and left scars. It helped shape the way I see the world and the people in it. But then, I say, fast-forward to todayÐŽK I am here, in college, still working and striving for a better life and to hopefully give my children (one day) the childhood that stolen from me. I did not fall prey to the obstacles placed in my way and there were always obstacles. And the thing IÐŽ¦m most proud of is that I did not become a statistic. And I can attest to having 4 out of 6 of my closest friends right here with me in that they had traumatic and painful childhoods and they are living a better life today. So, I have taken this moment to parallel my life with that of little SohrabÐŽ¦s as to say, although not completely identical, my childhood was traumatic too and even being where you feel hopeless and ready to give up, time is there --- time is urging you to take him and allow him to heal you and help you grow distance yourself from that pain. Children are resilient because they have a great friend called time. Not all children will follow this scenario, but clearly many can and have. I was frustrated with Sohrab in the end because I, like Souraya, wanted to see him smile, talk and be a little boy again. It wasnÐŽ¦t frustration out of ignorance and not knowing what he had been through or belittling it in any way. Sure,

it was going to take time, but I, the reader, wanted to see him happier in the end. That was the biggest let down in the book.

I totally agree that the author made Sohrab too complex a character for us to only care about AmirÐŽ¦s ending. In the end, I could have cared



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