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Kite Runner

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This si a great novel to read, "The Kite Runner" written by Khaled Hosseini in the year 2003, was a breakthrough when it hit the shelf. It was published by the Berkley publishing group, with 371 pages of interesting facts about the life of a child in Afghanistan. While reading this book you learn very early about the characters in the book. Amair is the main character. The novel focuses on the relationship between Amir, the son of a wealthy Afghan merchant, and his servant Hassan. Amir is a member of the majority Pastun tribe and Sunni branch of Islam while Hassan is from the minority Hazara tribe and Shi'a sect. While the two boys play together and are friends, their unequal social rank and the precarious status of the Hazara give their relationship a wary tension. It doesn't help that Amir is secretly jealous of Hassan's athleticism and courage. Hassan defends Amir against bullies on numerous occasions, but when a gang of bullies overpowers Hassan and threatens to sodomize him, Amir runs away. This betrayal weighs on Amir as he and his father flee Afghanistan in the wake of the Russian invasion and settle in America. Years later, he returns to his native land where he learns a secret about Hassan that finally compels him to confront his own fear and gain a measure of redemption.

Description of characters.

Amair - This si the main character His father was afghan diplomat. Amair is supposed to portray Khaled Hosseini growing up in Afghanistan.

Hassan - In the beginning of the novel Hassan is Amair's family servant. He attends to their every need and later on in the novel it is discovered that Hassan is actually Amair's half brother. Meaning they both have the same Father.



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