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There has been much talk about Muslim beliefs and the Islam nation altogether. The basis of the religion is peaceful and understanding. While people twist the belief around to fit their own needs. It is based on the teachings of Muhammad. He was born in Mecca, which is the capital of Islamic belief.

Muhammad was born and raised in the city of Mecca. He grew up as a merchant and had a wife. He would wander around outside of the city by himself often. He wandered so much that he had no job but his wife believed in him so she supported him. One day he had a vision of the angel Gabriel. Gabriel told him that he was a prophet and he should spread the word of god. He went back to Mecca and told everyone what had happened and decided to teach everyone the way of God. No one believed him and he was ridiculed for his beliefs. So he decided to go on a trip which was called the "Hijra". When he came back to Mecca he had many converts. Then the people of Mecca started to believe him and became converts themselves. This is the story of Muhammad and his teachings. All this and more were written down in the Muslim holy book, the "Koran".

The five pillars are the five ways to be a good and decent Muslim. The first pillar is "Shahadah" which is to declare your belief by saying shahadah. Which means declaring god or Allah is almighty, and believing in the prophethood of Muhammad. The second pillar is "Salah" or prayer. Prayer must be done five times a day towards Mecca or the general direction of Mecca. The third pillar is "Zakah" or tax on the wealth. Everyone must give a percent of their earnings to the poor. The fourth pillar is "Sawm" which is fasting during the month of Ramadan. The fifth and last pillar is to at least once in their lives to "Hajj" or make a trip to Mecca when one is willing and able to.




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