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Islam In The United States

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The biased and discrimination in United States have always been done

with the minority. Muslims have always been a minority in this country

throughout time. They have faced discrimination in society and especially from

the government and media. I believe that people running this country are Anti Islamic due to there view on things. Also this is a Zionist country, which is another reason that makes the media discriminate against the Muslim's, due to the conflict with Palestine and other Muslim countries. The media has always portrayed Islam in a negative way. The reason the media is biased when it comes to Islam because they hate the Islamic structure and the beliefs. The majority of media conglomerate ownership is of people who consider themselves as Zionists. They are the big owners and of course will want to get their views across in any way possible, even if that means to discriminate a certain group of people. One of the biggest reason this country is against Islam, is because of the Islam's Social System. It is very different then how this country wants you to live your life. Another reason which this conflict occurs is because due to the fact that you cannot

find further truth then the Quran compared to Bible or Torah or any other books. All three of them are books of GOD, and his message. Torah is known as the old testament, then cam e the Bible, new testament, and Quran is the final testament and has the final message which is a lot easier to follow, making Islam the fastest growing religion of United States and also the world. That is why Islam is hated by the western world and is always portrayed as a killer disease. Promoting Islam is all for violence and kill people and how the term "JIHAD" is so misused in today's western society. Without knowing or having two bits of knowledge of Islam, that this religious revolves around PEACE.

The social system in Islam is geared towards the preservation of the human race. It is uniquely built around the concepts of responsibility. Unlike the capitalistic concept of 50% shared activity, Islam defines the specific duties of each person and holds him or her equally important in the progress of society. Social disease such as crime and violence, drugs and alcoholism, rape and sexual harassment, teenage pregnancy and homosexuality are the norms of the Western life. Islam provides a strong foundation for a high standard of morality and the values that support the society from friction and subversion. To practically achieve this goal, Islam directs the people towards establishing marital relations and prevents sexual activities outside it, therefore preserving family structure, the central building block of the Islamic community. By preserving the sanctity of the family, the Islamic system provides a strong foundation for a high standard of morality, and values that support the society from friction and subversion. Islam organizes the interaction of men and women in public and private life, establishes a dress code for both, encourages marriage at an early age and impose severe punishments for adultery, fornication and homosexuality. (2)

Furthermore, the social system stresses the importance of parent-child relation and regulates custody and monetary responsibility. It addresses the responsibility towards grand parents, uncles, aunts and cousins from both sides of the family. Islam stresses very strongly neighbors affairs and encourages providing for the needy. The Western culture view women as a sex objects used for the temptation and pleasure or to sell products. The Capitalistic machine forced women to abandon their families to make end's meet. Islam considers the woman a human being whose primary mission is to be a mother, an honorable goal; therefore, she is to be protected and honored. To achieve the social goal, many rules and regulations exist in the Islamic legal code. The Islamic life style normally prevents unnecessary mixture men and women that preserve the integrity of their relationship. Islam addresses both men and women regarding creed, worship, social, economical and political; but due to the difference between them some rules are exclusively for women while others are for men. Islam obliges the man to provide for his family, while the woman is responsible for the care of her husband and children. These social regulations preserve humanity and works with the socio-political structure for the betterment of whole. In all activities, men and women live their private and public life within specific rules based on the orders of the Creator, Allah. (2)

Western approach are the control over scarce resources, especially material sources such as land, money, control over women. However, the Middle Eastern/Islamic cultures call for the sustaining of the nonmaterial resources such as honor, prestige, pride, power, and valor. This old saying summarize this aspect of the culture: "A good name is worth more than money." Another thing is that Islamic life style is a lot more traditional then American life style. In Islamic social system you worry about shame, pride, prestige and honor. Especially unity of the family, not only immediate even extended, also considering the reintroduction of the ongoing relationship. They emphasis a lot on traditional/religious values such as tolerance and respect of elders, which is rarely seen in today's American society. Some of these norms and social value might still apply today in America's society, however they are not the priority, but in Islamic way of living these are the priority. Therefore both lifestyle are exactly opposite of each other and both stand on the other side of the road. (2)

The difference between Quran and other two books send by GOD is that, Quran was reveled to the Prophet Muhammad from God through the Angel Gabriel. These revelations did not come to Muhammad all at once. They came throughout his lifetime starting from when he was about forty years old. Muhammad was an illiterate man and had no education of the world or of religion before his revelations. The Quran is the basis for everything a Muslim believes. In it, it shows how a Muslim must act in order to assure a place for himself in paradise. But, more importantly it is central because it has never been changed. Every verse is how it was fourteen hundred years ago, the day it was finished, till this day. The funny part is the things that were written in the Quran fourteen hundred years ago, our science just figured them out in this century. Quran itself gives you all the knowledge that you need to live as a human being. Which makes the western world worry because no other book gives you as much as knowledge and the truth then the Quran. The negative way they act toward Islam



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