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Islam Religion

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Study Sheet on Islam: World Religions

* When we speak of Islam, God is the founder. The question really is through whom did God found Islam?

* What do the words "Allah" and "Islam" mean?

* Be able to trace the ancestors of Muhammad and Jesus all the way back to Adam, showing the connection between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

* Why is Muhammad called "The Seal of the Prophets"?

* How do Muslims view persons like Jesus, Moses, Noah, and Isaiah?

* Why is Abraham so important in Islam?

* Know the important events and dates in Muhammad's life, including his early years, his preparation for ministry, and especially The Night of Power and the Migration That Led to Victory.

* What is the year that begins the Muslim calendar and why?

* What was the initial reaction to Muhammad's preaching and why?

* How do Muslims understand the Koran? How was it written?

* How do Muslims understand the connection between the Koran and the Old and New Testaments? between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam?

* What is the main goal of the Koran? How does Allah speak in it?

* What is the Islamic understanding of God, Creation, the human self, and the Day of Judgment?

* Know the Five Pillars and be able to explain how each is carried out and why each is important.

* Know the differences between Shi'ite and Sunni Muslims and between Sufi Muslims and other Muslims.




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