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Is Social Media Making People Less Social?

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Essay Preview: Is Social Media Making People Less Social?

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Is social media making people less social?

I believe this could be an interesting topic to consider about. When the net of social media spread all over the world, the purpose of it is to make people more social, make us able to contact with more people. But somehow, not only me is thinking this way, but also most of my friends, relatives and some cyber citizens. We are becoming the slaves of social media and technology. Back to the old days, people do not have such thing which allow them to interact their friends so easily, they probably will come out for parties without any hesitation. For children, involve in some outside activities might be the most efficiency way to make friends. No matter which age and what social status you are, going outside is the only way to make you socially active. But after the invention of the social media, people now are able to update anytime anywhere, but also social media made us unsocial because our social circle is always online, but when we try to reach them physically, they are just not available. But there are always different voices, talking about the idea of “social media making people unsocial” is just some excuses for those anti-social people, some people believe that a social person could perfectly organize their social groups, and social media will only maker them be more social than before since they have more opportunities to know and contact with people who share the similar interests.



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