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Does Social Media Make Us More Social?

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Essay Preview: Does Social Media Make Us More Social?

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Does Social Media make us more social?

Currently, technology like social media has revolutionized our communication between one another.

Thus, we are becoming more knowledgeable, more direct and more diversified. But is this making us more social away from the screen? Many people don’t think it does, but I’ll be talking about the advantages of social media and how it does make us more social.

More young kids are getting access to social media and can develop people and conversational skills at a young age. Kids even a decade ago did not have access to this technology limiting them from socializing with people in rural areas. Social media has given us the platform for greater, and more direct communication. Because of social media we are able to connect with people we would never have the opportunity to meet, simply because we are allowed access – instead of having to be in the right place and the right time. Together we are able to passively share our lives and lives of others on Facebook and other social platforms.

Despite what researchers have said about social media creating an anti-society, it’s no surprise that we are embracing social media as a new form of communication. Social media encourages us to develop our writing and social skills which are essential for physical interactions. Social platforms, mostly dating apps, are based around arranging real human connections. Real life interactions and social media complement each other, by meeting a new people I.e., at a party, people can simply ask for their username on whichever form of social media they use and they can use this technology to get to know the person they met in person as they only had a limited in person.

Older generations do not acknowledge the potential that social media has, thus they point out the negatives and claim we don’t socialize like we use to, but in reality, we’re socializing more than ever. Social media encourages us to share details about of lives we might not otherwise share. A study conducted by the university of California shows that people without a form of social media are missing out and are less socially active and involved. The study shows that a new digital divide between people that interact via mobile and people whom do not possess any means of social media can result in more trusting and closer relationships.



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