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Internet Marketing Management

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This report has been conducted in order to evaluate Suitshop website and to give them advice on what improvements can be made against the criteria that has been established from the theories which are branding, internet marketing strategies and marketing mix. The report will take into account the internet marketing concept. Suitshop website is not popular among consumers at the moment and is struggling with top competitors like Debenhams and Next online who are leading suit retailers in the marketplace. .


SWOT analysis

This technique will be used in order to evaluate Suitsho's online presence and a internal analysis enables the Suitshop to identify their strengths and weaknesses which are both internal issues where they can only succeed or fail. The internal areas enable the business to build upon their strengths and opportunities in order to overcome their weaknesses. Strengths can be used in order for Suitshop to be able to work towards their opportunities that have been identified. These opportunities are produced through external elements. Weaknesses might be able to present the business with threats. However, if the business is under performing in certain areas this might be able to lead to a threat, which they are unable to overcome.

Strength - have built up brand awareness

Weaknesses - don't have enough marketing presence online

Opportunity - they can expand further for future success

Threats - a large competitor can wipe them out from the market

Online marketing mix

The traditional marketing mix has been chosen to evaluate Suitshop's website. The main 4P's are product, price, promotion and place this was created by Jerome McCarthy (1960) in order to implement the marketing strategy. Broom and Bitner (1981) suggested the 4P's could be extended to 7P's in which included people, processes and physical evidence.

1. Product - what products and services are offered

2. Promotion - technique to sell the product

3. Price - cost in which the buyer obtains the product

4. Place - channel distribution

5. People - how employees communicate with consumers

6. Processes - techniques used to achieve marketing functions e.g. promotion

7. Physical evidence - the way the product is purchased.

The 7 P's will be related to Suitshop's website and will have justifications. On page ____ the website will be quantitatively compared to Debenhams, Suitshop's major competitor, the scale rating will be from 1 - 10 (1 = very good and 10 = excellent)

Internet marketing strategy

Chaffey (2003)

it's an integrated E-Marketing Strategy Model which will be related to Suitshop.

Chaffey et al (2000)

They suggested that there are six choices that a business can go through online. The model will be related to Suitshop.

 Level 1 - No online

 Level 2 - Static data

 Level 3 - Interactive site

 Level 4 - Interactive site supporting transactions

 Level 5 - Fully interactive


He identified the following characteristics in which inherent in a digital medium:

 Consumer initiates contact.

 Consumer is seeking data (pull)

 It is a high intensity medium

 Can gather data

 Individual demands of the consumer can be addressed and taken into consideration


Aaker and Joachimstahler (2000) both indicate that brand equity is made up of several of areas.

1. Brand awareness

2. Perceived quality

3. Brand loyalty

Suit shop

Offline address - Suit shop, 65 Leagrave road, Luton Bedfordshire, LU4 8HT

Online address -

Suit shop core business activity is to clothing designed for men in their store and the business has been established over 30 years ago and is based in Luton. It serves the general public therefore its B2C. They offer online shopping facility to consumers and the business is bricks and clicks. There online activity is used as a marketing and selling tool in order to generate capital. The business has an excellent web site address and stands out and therefore would be easy to remember by the customer.

Current facilities

Above is a screen dump of some of the type of clothes that are offered to consumers.

List of all products: -

* Suit jackets

* Outside leisure wear

* Tee shirts

* Polo shirts

* Stylish jackets

* Trousers

* Outside casual shirts

* Jeans

* Shorts



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