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Marketing Management

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Discussion Board 1

Obesity has become one of the largest problems in American health. The problem has grown and grows each year. The importance of daily exercise dwindles and the fast food industries sky rockets.

Take for example all the problems Obesity causes:

* arthritis

* hernias

* heartburn

* adult-onset asthma

* gum disease

* high cholesterol levels

* gallstones

* high blood pressure

* menstrual irregularities or cessation of menstruation (amenorhhea)

* decreased fertility, and pregnancy complications

* shortness of breath that can be incapacitating

* sleeping disorders

* skin disorders, arising from the bacterial breakdown of sweat and cellular material in thick folds of skin or from increased friction between folds

* emotional and social problems

* Stroke

* Other health problems

(Answers, 2007)

No one becomes obese on purpose it's all those addictives and chemicals that are put into our foods. Our past ancestors used fermentation methods, drying sun techniques and salt. If we did what our past ancestors have done we wouldn't be so fat today.

Today over 300 thousand people die from being obese, that is more then people smoking. If you smoked you would out live a person who was obese, now that's sad.

If the government made



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