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Information Systems Report

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Year 11 Information Systems

Describe an Information System

By Ivan S


1.Introduction .3

2.Inputs to the Information System .3

3.Output to the Information System .4

4.Data Sinks and Stores .4

5.Processing done in the information system .5

6.Data-flow and Context diagram

Context diagram .6

Data Flow Diagram .7

7.Hardware and software used -

in the information system .8

8.Social and ethical impacts of -

the information system .8

9.Summary and conclusions .9

At the time of the surveys, all information was accurate. Changes may have taken place in that time that would affect the information gathered and therefore change the overall report.


Summary of the information system

I have chosen to do the Civic Video located on Main St in Osborne Park as the information system I will describe. The element of the system I will describe is the process of hiring out a Video/DVD.

This part of the information system is assuming that the customer knows where to find his or her desired Video/DVD and that the Video/DVD is not already out on loan to another customer. Customers enter the store and proceed to the area of the store where their desired Video/DVD is located. After finding the desired Video/DVD they precede go with the case of the desired Video/DVD to the counter (possibly after standing in a queue) where an employee of civic video will be standing. After handing over the Video/DVD case the employee will ask the customer to enter there unique code to access their account. After the account has been accessed, the employee then proceeds to a cupboard where the actual Video/DVD is stored. The Video/DVD is put into its case then scanned by the employee to register that the customer has hired out the Video/DVD. The Cashier asks for the payment from the customerAfter this, the Video/DVD is given back to the customer who can now leave with the Video/DVD.

The environment of the information system

The Civic video is located on Main St in the "Osborne On Main" district. It is surrounded by various small shops including restaurants, a real estate agency, a music school and is close to Servite College.

Civic Video has many stores throughout Australia. This being the case individual stores cannot decide what prices are going to be used for each Video/DVD. Meetings are held for the store managers where the Video/DVD prices are discussed. After these meetings are held, the prices are changed accordingly at every store by the manager.

2.Inputs to the information system

The inputs into the information system are

a.The customers choice of Video/DVD

b.Rental prices of the Video/DVD

c.The Video/DVD

d.The Video/DVD case

e.Video/DVD's unique barcode


The customer's choice of Video/DVD is the most important input into the system. Without this input, there would be no need for this information system to exist, as it is the main input.

The other information put into the system is the rental prices of the Video/DVD and the actual Video/DVD. As stated earlier the Video/DVD prices are discussed at meetings and not modifiable within the store so they are an external input.

The Video/DVD case is not a very input to the system the customer introduces this input to the system after he/she has selected it of the shelf and gives it to the cashier so they can store information on it.

The Video/DVD is introduced to the system by the cashier after the customer has brought the case to the desk. This is the actual Video/DVD that is stored in a cupboard behind the desk where the cashier stands.

The prices of the Video/DVD are stored in a file that is associated with the Video/DVD barcode so that once the Video/DVD is scanned the price is automatically displayed on screen to the cashier.

The Barcode is stored in a database of barcodes with all the Video/DVD barcodes.

The money (what employees of Civic believe to be the most important input) is introduced very late in the system by the customer as payment for their hire.

3.Outputs from the information system

There are two outputs to the information system;

1.the Video/DVD (the same as the input)

2.Regular Sales reports

The Video/DVD is an obvious output to the information system as it is the reason the information system exists to satisfy the customer's wants for the Video/DVD. The Video/DVD is the exact same Video/DVD that is imputed to the system at the beginning it is just that now the Video/DVD's information has been stored in the system

Soon as a colleagues is hired out information is stored about it and the customer on a database in the computer. From this database, various sales reports can be made. The regular sales reports that are printed out cover a wide variety of useful information

1.The hire history for a Video/DVD

2.The hire history for a customer

3.The Total sales made and by which cashier

4.the most popular genres

This can be used to plan certain offers and deals for example it is recorded people who often hire out comedies also hire out action. Using the information a deal can be made that whenever a comedy and an action movie is hired out there is a discount on the price. If a cashier is out performing all his colleagues then he can be rewarded for his hard work or the amount of work done by all the other cashiers can be inspected.

4.Data Sinks and Stores




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