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Information Systems Folio Assignment

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Article Folio Assignment

Introduction to Information Systems

ADMS 2511

Section B

Wednesday 4pm вЂ" 7pm


Break the Paper Jam in B2B Payments.

Berez, Steve and Sheth, Arpan. Harvard Business Review Magazine

a) The most important point raised by the article is the introduction of EIPP (Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment) and its benefits to B2B. The article points to various advantages of great magnitude offered by evading paper invoices.

b) This article captures topics from Session 3 pdf. materials. slide 25. Electronic Payments вЂ" Benefits.

c) It expands the topic of electronic payments in B2B businesses. It is a great example of the advantages and disadvantages shown in class plus it shows a more in depth examination of the online payment process. Going paperless not only minimizes the amount of time spent into each transaction but it also decreases the accounts payable overhead. Also, online invoices are easier to track. These are all advantages superficially mentioned in the book which would be relevant to study.

Enterprise : Firms Go Online to Train Employees; Virtual Classes, Videos Give Workers Flexibility and Save Owners Money.

Flandez, Raymund. The Wall Street Journal Newspaper.

a) This editorial brings about recognition to the benefits of online training, also known as e-learning, brought to Golden Harvest Seeds Inc. and others who made the same choice.

b) The necessary information is found in Session 6, chapter 5, section 5.6 вЂ" Telecommuting. Pgs. 156-157. This session highlights the importance of understanding the use of internet for e-learning along with the different uses and advantages of it.

c) The book does not provide extensive information about this subject; even though e-learning or online training has gained vast importance among businesses with an urgent need to capacitate its personnel in a quick and less expensive way. This article takes a closer look at how online training works for big companies and for small entrepreneurs as well as the different businesses and companies (like IBM and HP) that offer online instruction.

Exploiting RFID digital information in enterprise collaboration

Lekakos, George. Industrial Management & Data Systems

a) RFID (radio frequency identification) tags are being used mostly to



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