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Information System

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Management of Information Systems

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory is a large company with approximately 3,000 employees. Our Information Technology Systems Department's mission is to provide the Information Technology (IT) expertise and services that will enable the Laboratory to achieve its goals in national security, space science and technology, and University-related thrusts. (WWW.JHUAPL.EDU)

Our Information Technology and Information Systems department is responsible for numerous tasks for the Laboratory. There are five groups within the department.

1. The Focused-Enterprise Applications Development Group This group was created to develop, implement, and support software solutions that are targeted for a common community.

* Oracle Financial Suite

* PeopleSoft Human Resources Application

* Remedy Platform - resource application

2. The Cross-Enterprise Applications Development Group is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining software for cross-users to support Laboratory business, processes and service delivery.

3. The Desktop Services Group provides desktop services to members depending on the needs and requirements of the staff. They achieve a "high touch" interaction with staff.

4. The Server Systems Group supplies infrastructure server services for the laboratory's server-based requirements.

* Infrastructure file

* Print

* E-mail

* Database

* Web services

5. The Networking & Telecommunications Group facilitates the interconnection of information resources and communication, and in responsible for the network and computer security. It also is responsible for classified messages, and manages the COMSEC account.



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