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Info On World History

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a. Construction 1904-1914

v. Spanish-American War

1. US sympathizes with Cubans trying to break free from Spain

2. Few months US defeats Spain in Cuba and Philippines

3. US becomes world power

a. Given territories in Guam, Puerto Rico, Philippines

b. Two military based on Cuba, plus right to intervene if in trouble

vi. United States global importance

1. Inspiring freedom вЂ" representative government and civil liberties

h. Overall impact of imperialism

i. Yes…pretty impressive вЂ" military expertise, technological mastery

1. Brought extreme wealth to Europe and America

ii. But…Inseparable from bloodshed, racial prejudice, slavery and violence

iii. Colonization and influence left deep political scars around globe вЂ" still recovering from

iv. European foreign policy more aggressive second half of century

1. Congress of Vienna fairly successful at keeping peace early on

2. But…nationalism put premium on patriotic sentiment

3. Competition over imperial possessions overseas

a. Amount of desirable territory started to grow smaller

Different cultural and political reactions

r. Reform

s. Resistance

t. Rebellion

u. Racism

v. Nationalism

i. Drove movements in Germany and Italy to unify

1. Drove movements in Americas to declare independence

2. Drove resistance to colonialism in India, China and Africa

3. Drove Europeans to compete with each other to promote national pride by establishing colonies in the first place

4. Drove Chinese peasant movements against Manch government

a. Targeted for not being nationalistic enough

5. Drove French to unite behind Napoleon to take over Europe

6. Drove the Japanese to industrialize quickly

7. Drove Egyptians to limit the power of the Ottomans

ii. By 1914, the world had become one where people identify strongly with nation

1. Or with the dream of creating own nation

iii. Oppressors used nationalistic feelings to justify their superiority

iv. Oppressed used their nationalist feelings to justify their rebellion

v. Jingoism вЂ" belligerent patriotism вЂ" British term

I. Impact of changing European ideologies on colonial administrations

VIII. Diverse interpretations

What are the debates over the utility of modernization theory as a framework for interpreting events in this period and the next?

a. Modernization/Westernization

i. Nations become economically prosperous

ii. Various social changes occur

1. Improved health care

2. More educational opportunities

3. More rights for women

iii. Desire for democratic government will evolve

1. People learn more about what the world holds

2. Give up old ways and attitudes

iv. Western Europe cited as proof that in time developing nations will evolve into developed nations

b. Dependency Theory

i. Developing nations economically dependent



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