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Influence of Technological Progress on the Cotemporary World

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Essay Preview: Influence of Technological Progress on the Cotemporary World

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What would the life of our society without technology? Although millions of individuals claim that technology has separated humankind from nature and converted it into the conglomerate of the ‘lifeless robots,' technology remains the source of the immense growth that people tend not to identify. The truth is that technology has become such a central part of human life that it has become transparent and invisible (Brey, 2017). As a result, it plays a trick on the minds of people providing them with an illusion that they can only live without the technological advancement and they don’t need the progress it brings along.

            Today, technology has become a type of a tool, a technique to attain the goals that have been impossible for several years. Humanity has been to the moon, discovers the galaxy, and is continually converting incurable diseases into myths. Technology attempts to predict what the people will require tomorrow and forms a corresponding innovation today.  A wider understanding of the significance of the development of technology depends on the meaning of technology first. Technology offers the opportunity to combine the resources that have been once impossible to chain creating the products that are in high in demand and solve the challenges facing modern people (Coeckelbergh, 2016). Many times, when we have thought about technology a person thinks of a DVD player or a computer, but however technology has gone beyond this changing the fields of education, medicine, construction, and several others.

Many things change most in the contemporary world. The universe itself undergoes a transformation, becomes more advanced. Everything is made in a manner that benefits human beings. The primary reason for several inventions is to make life easier for humankind. Devices that perform different actions and saves time as a replacement to the actions of human beings. If it were not for the advancement in technology, we still would have been ‘cave’ individuals. Progress along with the process of improvement currently is measured by technology.

The technological advancements started being the leading power in our planet several years ago, and currently, it is in its blossom. Several things depend on it, and it is hard to imagine the existence of human beings minus technology at all. If to speak abstractly, technology as like an eye we see the universe through. We lack to see the eyes themselves while perceiving everything that surrounds us and therefore people are more probable to believe that we lack eyes and we can view without them. The people get used to having the eyes to see that they stop recalling that they possess them. Therefore, technology is a crucial matter to talk about when it comes to issues of development (Targowski, 2016). Such kind of spheres as the medical technology, manufacturing technology, technology of infrastructure, and space-travel technology, have evidently transformed the culture of every country, offering several opportunities for the expansion of life. Indeed, it is technology that separates human beings from the primates in the zoo and denying this implies to negate one of the essential features of the contemporary world.

Some people do not believe in technology in spite of all the advantages it has brought to them. This threat seems to be irrational specifically after the point that technology advancement has saved the human race from mud huts and malaria. Well, one of the major troubles about technology is the fact that individuals always put up environment pollution as a claim that is likely to cover all the benefits the modern technology provides to the contemporary society. According to the read articles, technology has brought the positive transformations to the society and the attempt to ‘save the earth’ has resulted in an upsetting outcome such as the effort of saving wildlife in Africa has ‘destroyed’ the cultural formations. Native persons are forced to move from their forefather’s land and had to adapt the kind of food their food were not used at all. There is no point in life this native people will accept technology since they will perceive it as being destructive. Nonetheless, humankind remains human and they have to develop, unlike the animals that cannot take care of themselves. Well, it is common knowledge that a denial is a form of protection. Development and technology go hand in hand, giving birth to one another. It is true that the technological advancement do not destroy everything natural, as it widely perceived, but offers an alternative for the natural resources. Both the technical and natural products provide quality to the millions of people. It would be unbearable to recover from the natural disasters if it were not for the advancement in technology. So essentially, technology has been saving the well-being and the lives of the people for several years already. Life is the precious gift in the universe (Türk & Liedtke, 2014). Therefore, if the technological growth can save more lives should its development be repudiated?



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