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In What Ways Do Audiences Influence Media Industries?

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Essay Preview: In What Ways Do Audiences Influence Media Industries?

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In what ways do audiences influence media industries?

Very interesting discussion going on here. To me, yes, the growth of the mass media industry driven by technology, definitely has a huge and large impact on our audiences today. Especially now, particularly in the publishing industry such as books, newspapers,magazines, which all are produced at massive duplications at low prices and it reaches a huge audience.

The power of the mass media is by far recognized by everybody in terms of advertising, marketing and as a medium to broadcast information to people at large. Mass media is used to communicate and interact with people from various walks of life. Print media (magazines, newspapers, brochures, press releases, newsletters etc), electronic media (television, cinemas, radio etc) and the Internet are all part of mass media. Today, mass media can give a person phenomenal exposure.

The wide reach offered by mass media is phenomenal. It can target a global audience.

a) In terms of newspapers ( Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia, The Star, NST) and magazines, (Remaja, Al Islam, Wanita, Jelita, Female, FHM) it can reach a specified target group usually teenagers, women that is on-the-go or into fashion, men that are into beautiful women too perhaps. Besides, it is easily accessible and affordable.

For example, the newspaper lands on the doorstep each morning from the news vendor, (usually in Malaysia, a man on a motorcycle will deliver the newspapers right after dawn by throwing them on our front porch) and voila, when we wake up, the news of the world is right in front of us.

b) We could also have the latest news in our living rooms due to the television set.

c) Certain types of media have a loyal fan following. This would mean that an advertiser, publication or news channel would have a ready audience. Advertisers for a certain pair of sunglasses perhaps such as Ray Bans, a news channel such as the Sports Channel in Astro for all EPL fans or maybe the publication of Shape Magazine for all fitness freaks.

d) We have the latest news and information at the click of the mouse! The Internet is such a medium that it can give many options for the kind of information required.

e) Television, movies, Internet and the radio are some of the best forms of entertainment. It can informed us on the latest news, latest top song hits, whilst driving and listening to the radio, we can



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