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Importance of a Due Deadline - Personal Essay

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I understand I am writing to you regarding my missed RSVP for the squadron holiday party. while I must say this is mostly my own fault, the email system in the squadron is also broken. I signed up for cadet emails a long time ago and even signed up again some days before the due date after I found out that I had not received any kind of cadet email.

This situation is still mostly my fault for I had not taken responsibility and tried to find some way to sign up. I should have talked to an officer or ask a friend for the email. I could of emailed the squadron or tell my parents. Those are only some of the things I could have done to take more responsibility.

I must admit I was foolish and not responsible because I just did nothing and ignored something very important, something that will affect my attendance record and could lower my chances of getting into summer camp. Summer camp aside, if I keep procrastinating and not taking my life into my own hands, I might have bigger problems than a missed deadline to a holiday party. This incident is more than a oopsie by me as I should view it as a life lesson to care more about the things that happen in my life. As if I keep treating my life like this, the consequence will be more than a 1,000 word essay.

A deadline is a deadline. It is not something I can just ignore. Not only is it just something I must meet in school or other extracurricular activities, I should set deadline for myself more to reduce stress and to keep organization in my life as I am a procrastinator and I think setting goals or deadlines could really help me through school work and to generally keep my life organized and in control.

I now understand the importance of a due date/deadline. I understand I can not just ignore it and do nothing, for there will be consequences. From now on I should take initiative of my own life and solve problems on my own instead



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