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Implementation Plan For Friar Tucker Moods Project

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Essay Preview: Implementation Plan For Friar Tucker Moods Project

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Implementation Plan for Friar Tucker Moods Project

University of Phoenix

Implementation Plan for Friar Tucker Moods

Friar Tucker International future is bright with many diverse and promising new projects. FTI serves the hospitality industry in various divisions of sports and family entertainment, cuisine and hotel chains. FTI strategic and implementation planning play an important role in the success of future projects. In order to obtain goals and objectives FTI will need to examine the selection and implementation of these projects if they are to remain a competitive, expanding company.

Friar Tucker's Strategy

Friar Tucker International (FTI) is a hospitality services chain that manages many establishments in different industries such as entertainment and cuisine, sports entertainment, family entertainment, and subcontract work for hotel chains. The company employs over 1,000 individuals and yield revenue of more that $300 million with Family Entertainment accounting for approximately one-third of the revenue. FTI vision is "to be among the top ten hospitality service providers in the family entrainment business, based on superior service levels and innovative marketing" (FTI simulation, UOP Week One MBA590). Over the next three years FTI focus areas are establishing their presence in the entertainment hospitality segment, consolidating their presence in the cuisine business by expanding into specialty cuisine establishments, and expanding into corporate entertainment segment. Due to substantial growth, FTI has had to turn down several projects. FTI strategy for selecting projects leaves a great deal to the imagination of the staff.

Each manager presents a project which he believes will be beneficial to the company. Most of the managers have not done adequate research of the time, investment, breaking-even, forecasted revenue or even considered the company's vision in their selection. Some even have chosen projects based on personal relationships or personal gain. This is not a logical practice and could be time-consuming and very costly. Another issue is the players that are being allowed to present ideas. A team of business development peers should be dedicated to developing, researching, presenting and implementing new projects based on best practices. This has proven successful in a peer reviewed article written by Ruth Bailey. During an audit of the nutritional screening process, findings revealed inconsistencies with unvalidated nutritional screening at Brighton and Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust. As a result of the findings a steering committee was formed that comprised of experts within the nutritional field which created, implemented, and constantly evaluated the improvement implementation plan. This implementation ensured that patients on all wards received consistent nutritional screening based on validated methods, so that care that is specific to need can be given immediately (Bailey, 2006). Another useful approach would be the five-level model of project management maturity expounded on by J. Kent Crawford in fall 2006. Crawford stated "the benefits of a structured assessment lie in setting direction, prioritizing actions and begin cultural change ratherÐ'...". Although, FTI strategy has room for improvement the Moods Project is in line with the company's vision to be a premiere hospitality service provider of family entertainment.

Unique Implementation Plan for Completing the Moods Project

The Moods Project will be a Family Entertainment establishment that will offer high quality family entertainment that includes a wide spectrum of food choices ranging from burgers and fries to gourmet lobster and exotic dishes with games and entertainment for all ages. Moods will be a beautiful 4,000 square-foot building with two floors. The first floor will be the game floor which will consist of plasma televisions for the Xbox, PS2 stations and Sports TV viewing, billiard and air hockey tables, card and game board tables, and wireless internet connection. The second floor will be the restaurant which consists of various seating areas for singles, couples and families and friends. The project building will be handled by general contractor (GC) Kahn Construction starting on January 17, 2007 with completion on September 28, 2007 and grand opening on October 26, 2007, total project cost $850,000; Table 1 outlines deliverables, timelines and responsibility details.

Table 1

Action Item Deliverable Timeline Who is Responsible

Complete drawings October 17 Ð'- November 17,2006 Senior Business Development (SBD) and Design Professional

Interview and hire General Contractor (GC) November 6 Ð'- November 17, 2006 SBD and Legal

Approval of design with all alternatives based of suggestion of GC November 17 Ð'- December 15, 2006 SBD and Design Professional and GC

Approved proper scheduling December 15,2006- January 16, 2007 GC

Land clearing and foundation



-parking lot outlined


-post coming October 2007 sign January 17 Ð'- March 23, 2007 GC with weekly meetings/site visits with SBD and Marketing Lead


-walls (painting, interior/exterior doors, windows)


-electrical /heating and ac

-security system

-plumbing fixtures

-inspections March 26 Ð'- July 13, 2007 GC with weekly meetings/site visits with SBD

Exterior structure

-bricking, roofing

-inspections April 23 - July 13, 2007 GC with weekly meetings/site visits with SBD

Selecting and schedule delivery of furniture, supplies ( silverware, toiletries, napkins), equipment, paintings May 21 Ð'-July 27, 2007 SBD and Interior Design Professional

Landscaping and Interior/Exterior Cleanup

-inspections July 16 Ð'- August 24, 2007 GC and Landscaped Contractor




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