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How to Overcome Stage Fright

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Essay Preview: How to Overcome Stage Fright

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Name : Nur Amiera Binti Jamil

Faculty : Faculty of Business Management

Program/Group : Bachelor of Office System Management(HONS)(BM232 3B)

Lecturer’s Name: Prof.Madya Dr. Halimaton Haji Khalid

Title: How to overcome stage Fright


General Purpose:  To inform

Specific purpose: To inform the audience about how to overcome stage fright during public speaking                            and presentations.

Central idea: The speech is about how to overcome stage fright when giving speech or presentations.


  1. There are two types of people in the world, those who love speaking in public and those who are scared stiff at the thought of it. Stage fright or performance anxiety is a persistent phobia which arouse in an individual when required to perform in front of an audience.

  1.  If you have stage fright, then you may start to feel nervous, shaky, or even completely debilitated at the thought of performing in front of an audience.
  1. As for today, I will share with all of you, on how you can overcome your stage fright from training your body and mind to relax by trying few tricks.
  1. ( Preview of my points) As for my speech today, I will share how we can overcome our stage fright before giving speech or presenting in public. There are 3 main points which are to relax your body, consider your audience and slow down.


  1. There are 3 ways how you can overcome stage fright.

              (The first point is…)

  1. To relax your body

  1. To overcome stage fright, there are a few things you can do to relax your body before going on the stage.
  2. Ease the tension from your body can help to steady your voice and relax your mind.
  3. Chew gums. Chewing gum a little bit to ease the tension in your jaw. Just don't chew gum for too long or on an empty stomach or you may upset your digestive system a bit.
  4. Stretch. Stretching your arms, legs, back, and shoulders is another great way to reduce the tension in your body.

(Transition: Let’s move to the next point)

  1. Consider your audience

  1. As you create and practice your presentation, consider the needs, knowledge, and expectations of audience.
  2. Manage your presentations accordingly. If you're speaking to a younger audience, adjust your content, voice, and speech as necessary. If it's an older and sterner audience, be more practical and logical.

(Transition: Now, let’s move on to the last point)

  1. Slow down

  1. Most public speakers manifest their stage fright by talking way too fast. You may be speaking fast because you're nervous and want to get the speech or presentation over with, but this will actually make it harder for you to articulate your ideas or to reach your audience.
  2. Slowing down will also make you less likely to stumble over your words or misspeak.
  3. Time your presentation beforehand. Get used to the pace that you need to finish your presentation at the appropriate time. Keep a watch handy and glance at it from time to time to make sure you're on track.


  1. Before I end my speech, I have shared with all of you on how to overcome stage fright for speech or presentation in public.
  2. To conclude, you have to expect and accept the fact that you will feel anxious, especially the first few minutes of your presentation. The more you resist your anxiety, the more it will work against you.  Again, focus on the presentation when speaking in public and the anxiety will slowly ease off. Remember the 3 effective ways to overcome stage fright for your speech or presentation which are to relax your body, consider your audience, and slow down.
  3. That is all from me today. Before I end my speech, I would like to thank all of you for your time and attention. Thank You!


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