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Hongkong Port Research Paper

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The port of Hong Kong is a critical component of both the city’s and the region’s economy. The objective of this paper is to analyse the competitiveness of Hong Kong container ports in Asia Eastern region. This includes discussion in the strength, weakness, opportunity and critical challenges faced in the transformation process of Hong Kong from a freight transport hub city to a knowledge-based global supply chain management centre. Hong Kong’s maritime industry also suffers from a shortage of new talents as there is little awareness among local youngsters of job views offered by the industry. Lastly, it includes recommendations on how governments articulate appropriate policy package to Hong Kong’s port in strengthening comparative advantages would then be made.

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1        Introduction – Hong Kong Port (HKP)        

2        Concept of Global Logistics/Port City        

3        The Freight Network        

3.1        Freight Infrastructure        

3.1.1        Container Terminals        

3.1.2        Port Facilities        

3.2        Connectivity        

3.2.1        Hub-and-Spoke        

3.3        Freight Corridors/hubs        

4        Future business Prospects        

5        Comparative and Competitive Advantages        

5.1.1        Geographical Location        

5.1.2        Mid-stream Operation (MSO)        


6        Freight and Operational Challenges        

6.1        Costs        

6.2        Port Traffic Risk        

6.3        Availability of Skilled Manpower        

7        Key Policy Responses and Strategic Directions        

7.1        Territorial Development Strategy (TDS)        

7.2        Emission Reductions        

8        Recommendations        

8.1        Form Training Programs/Courses        

8.2        Foster Greater Collaboration        

9        Conclusion        

10        References        

  1. Introduction – Hong Kong Port (HKP)

The port of Hong Kong, situated by the South China Sea has become one of the busiest ports in Asia and the world. As a former British colony, Hong Kong has been a famous landmark for its rapid economic development due to its natural harbour that handles 90% of all trade. (Hong Kong University Press, 1999)

The deep waters of Victoria Harbour offer essential conditions for berthing and handling all forms of vessels. In Hong Kong itself, regional transport and logistics hub has been developed because of its strategic location on the East-West trade route and as the gateway to Pearl River Delta (PRD) shown in Fig.01.

[pic 1]

Fig.01: Pearl River Delta Region, a major coastal economic center

Source: Google Images;

Furthermore, their geographical advantage is strengthened by a free port status, an open and transparent regulatory system, a low tax rate, free flow of capital and information, proficient customs and having a world class infrastructure. (Transport and Housing Bureau, June 2009)

The purpose of this report is to develop freight strategy and policy directions for the port of Hong Kong for an efficient and sustainable freight network for the future. The report will demonstrate by leveraging Hong Kong’s competitive advantages and how effective are they between its neighboring competitors to rise as Asia’s high-end maritime service country.

  1. Concept of Global Logistics/Port City

Till today, trends in policy and technology advancement in the world are quickly reshaping the port industry globally. The global rise of maritime networks, industrial activities and container revolution, plays apart to the increasing influence on ports and port-city relationships over the last 30 years. (Ducruet, 2007)

A port, in the global framework, is an especially important component in a transportation network. It is commonly defined as a 'node' where different links come together. (Poon, 2004) Port-cities are usually addressed by scholars as a movement passageway between land and sea where specific functions develop and grow. (Bastie and Dezert, 1980; Brunn, 1983; White and Senior, 1983; Brocard, 1994)



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