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Content Teaching - Research Paper

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Section A - Survey Results  multiple choice

By asking students about their situation in school, linked to the teaching-style of their teachers, I found out in which way students are influenced by the way their teachers try to submit the knowledge to them.

The survey was supposed to indirectly find out how effective the current teaching-style of the teachers is. For that, the following statements were evaluated by the students (The numbers in parentheses display how much the surveyed students agreed with the statements  "Counting Mechanism" on page 3):

- "Teachers should base teaching more on contents" (5 points)

- "The way teachers teach is keeping the student's attention" (1.5 points)

- "Teachers stay focused in the topic" (-1 point)

- "Teachers have a way of teaching that is the right way of learning for me as an individual" (-2 points)

- "If I would be a teacher I would give less time in class to work on homework" (-18 points)

As we can see, the only point where the surveyed students agree is, that they would not reduce the homework in class, even though I think most students just handled the statement as "Students should have less time for homework in class." In my opinion they didn't really think about a situation where they would be teachers but only amount the situation they want to be in as students. All other results vary so much that the difference between the surveyed students is so big that they almost even each other out which shows us they all have different needs.

Counting mechanism: 25Ð... points for strong agreement

17 points for agreement

0 points for "don't care"

-17 points for disagreement

-25Ð... for strong disagreement

Accordingly, the highest score for each question can be 25Ð... if all 17 surveyed people indicated a strong agreement and -25Ð... if all 17 surveyed people indicated a strong disagreement.

Section B - Survey Results  open-ended

The answers to the open-ended questions show that most students don't really focus on the actual teaching but more on the material environment they are in, like "Air-Conditioning" or the school building. Most of the questions were answered that way so that I'm just going to consider a couple questions and answers which apply to the topic.

The most important thing teachers have to do different is...

...lesson plans

...explaining assignments

The way that makes me understand the content the best is...

...interaction with the lesson plans

...clear visual aids

Teachers focus too much on...

...tests and lecturing


Teachers neglect...

...interaction with kids who are struggling

...genuine caring

The thing keeping me most from learning is...

...nit-picking school policies

...too much material at once




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