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Homosexuality And The Bible

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Essay Preview: Homosexuality And The Bible

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When it comes to the bible and people against homosexuality I feel there are a lot of contradictions. There are so many because so may people say they follow the bible and say the bible does not believe in homosexuality and there going to believe what the bible says, but so many people say that and do not follow the bible down to a tee. They say being gay is wrong, but what about having sex before marriage. There are so many people who are not following all the bible rules so I feel they should not preach something's in the bible if there not following every rule. Also the bible was not written by god. So we do not officially know what god expects from us. The bible was written by man and we know males are the biggest homophobic genders ever. Also there are to her versions of the bible and also other interpretations. Also other religions except it, for example there was this on time where I went to my Christian church and they said that gay people were demons and that there contagious (I wanted to laugh so bad.). But then a few days later this same church told all the followers to bring anything that leads to debt like credit cards, bills, and they were going to burn it and pray. In my opinion that sounds like witchcraft. Witches burn stuff and throw it into the fire and speak words. Isn't that kind of what there doing in that situation, and because there doing it it's considered "Christian". Hmmm. It makes you think.



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