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Virtual Christianity: Bibles

A comprehensive list of on-line Bibles, in English and other languages, both ancient and modern; each featured site having a short description of its content and arrangement. This page is part of the Virtual Christianity Web site. Find out What's New at the Virtual Christianity Web site. For some introductory guidelines on reading the Bible for the first time, see How To Read The Bible For Better Understanding. To discuss the Bible on-line, come and post a message on the Bible Discussion and Sharing message board.

English Bibles

Multiple translation

WWW Bible Gateway - also supports some foreign languages; English translations include NIV (this is the only site where you can find the New International Version), NIV formatted (NT only), NKJV, NASB, RSV, KJV, Darby, YLT, and WE. You can also compare translations for a passage. You can search by passage look-up or word-search. Bible Gateway is the oldest major on-line Bible site on the Internet, but keeps getting better. Recent improvements, including the addition of the NKJV at this site have earned Bible Gateway the top place on this page. Bible Study Tools - Bible resource page with 18 English translations: New Living Translation (by default), New King James Version, New Revised Standard Version, New American Standard Bible, ASV, KJV, Third Millennium Bible, RSV, Today's English Version (Good News Bible), New American Bible, Douay-Rheims Bible, World English Bible, The Bible in Basic English, The Darby Translation, Hebrew Names Version of World English Bible, Webster's Bible Translation, Young's Literal Translation, and Wesley's New Testament. You don't have to search for a word or phrase, you can also enter in a scripture, such as "1 Corinthians 13" into the Search field. It is easier to read if you uncheck the box next to "Include study tools."

Olive Tree Bible Software Web Search Engine - also supports some foreign translations; English versions include NKJV, NASB, MKJV, LITV, KJV, RSV, ASV, Darby, Weymouth, and Young. As with Bible Search, you don't have to search for a word or phrase, you can also enter in a scripture.

Unbound Bible - A collection of searchable Bibles, some with Apocrypha. Also supports many foreign languages. English translations include NASB, ASV, KJV, BBE, Darby, Douay-Rheims, King James, Webster's, Weymouth, World English, and Young's Literal. Use form in left frame to browse Bible. You can view the Bible by Book, by chapter, by verse, or within a range of chapters and verses. Parallel view is also available.

Nave's Topical Bible - NLT by default, and all versions in Bible Search available. By topics, which you enter or can look up in an alphabetical listing.

Bible Browser Advanced Home Page - English translations include RSV, KJV, Darby, Weymouth NT, Bible in Basic English, Noah Webster's Holy Bible, YLT. By passage, phrase, or part of word -- which you enter. See also the Bible Browser Basic Home Page.

World Wide Study Bible - NIV, ASV, Darby, KJV, NASB 95, NKJV, NRSV, RSV, YLT, and others; with commentaries such as Henry Commentary, Easton's Bible Dictionary, and other various web resources, including sermons, meditations, treatises, and hymns. By book, then chapter, then translation. Bible Study Aids - KJV, ASV, BBE, Darby, Webster, YLT, WEB; with links to commentaries, christian history, devotionals, and others. By version, then book, then chapter.

The Revival Fellowship On-line Study Bible - not user friendly, select translation and book then enter chapter by form then click on the question mark. English translations include KJV, YLT, ASV, Darby, Noah Webster, BBE, Weymouth NT. May 14, 2001 - dead link?

KJV/RSV Browse - Browse KJV and RSV side by side (but separately); by book, then chapter.

Web Bible - change to different book of bible or chapter or translation by automatic form. English translations include KJV, ASV, Darby, and YLT.

All-in-One Biblical Resources Search: Bible Versions and Translations - Provides search forms which allow you to search the major multi-translation on-line Bible sites. Well-organized visual layout. Affiliated pages allow you to search other Bible-related and academically-oriented sources.

King James Version

For help with understanding King James English, you can look up words in the King James Dictionary to find out the modern English equivalent.

Blue Letter Bible (old version available here) - Scriptures have links keyed to various study aids, including Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Strong's Concordance (containing Hebrew & Greek Lexicons), and various commentaries based on "classical, conservative, evangelical Christianity" such as Matthew Henry's. Audio Bible Online - listen to the King James; by chapter. First must download RealAudio.

Geneva Study Bible - by chapter; study notes are interspersed between each verse.

WWW Bible Gateway - KJV - by chapter

Bible Browser - by chapter, including apocrypha.

The Illustrated King James Bible - By book. Takes a little while to fully load a given book. Includes small illustrations pertaining to verses throughout each book. See also the main page.

WebBible Online - Red-letter version of the King James Bible. Initial form selects by book (starting with chapter one). Subsequent forms select by book or by chapter.

KJV Red-Letter New Testament - by chapter. Can also be viewed by book.

The Holy Bible, King James Version - Old and New Testaments, with the Apocrypha - by book, then chapter from Virginia.

Hypertext King James Version of the Bible - by book by chapter, download available, from CforC. Old Testament and New Testament books are listed in two distinct columns.

The Linked Word Project - by book, then chapter; keyed to Strong's numbering.

The King James Version of the Holy Bible (KJV) - by book; includes Apocrypha

KJV with Apocrypha Gopher Directory - unusual divisions, from Pennsylvania.

ARTFL Project KJV Bible - by chapter; book and chapter selected with form.

Bible: King James



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