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Homosexual Marriage (Pro) Persuavive Essay

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Essay Preview: Homosexual Marriage (Pro) Persuavive Essay

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Sometimes, the most complex problems imaginable have solutions that aren\\\\\\\'t complex at all. Sometimes, problems need only a fresh point of view in order to set themselves straight. Sometimes, children can agents of truth, brutally honest conveyors of their perception. I appeal to you now as a collective, as America the nation, because I see a complex problem with a simple solution. I see segregation again rearing its ugly head. I see the bounds of church and state being blurred together. I see the seeds of tyranny being sowed in the soil of ignorance. Most importantly, I don\\\\\\\'t see anyone drawing attention to these problems. This, of course, leads to the question of which problems I am talking about.

To which I respond, \\\\\\\"Take your pick.\\\\\\\"

We could look at the international perception of American Empirialism, or perhaps the volitile geo-political chessboard as a whole. We could analyze how our existence

as a species is systematically destroying irreplaceable natural resourses. However, neither of these topics seems to hold our nation\\\\\\\'s intrest, and attention spans being what they are, I\\\\\\\'ve instead decided on a topic that holds a disporpotionate amount of public opinion and emotion.

Should two people be able to marry (in a strictly secular sense) if they are of the same gender?

When I look at the opposition to gay marriage present in America today, I can\\\\\\\'t help but be reminded of the racial segregation of not-all-that-many years ago. The opponents of same sex marriage seem to be firstly afraid of homosexuals, much the same way that historians and psychologists classify the caucasian south as having been (and still being) afraid of African Americans. The reasons for this range from simple misunderstanding to the perpetuation of outright lies regarding gay people due to malicious and hateful propaganda of certain conservative groups. Yet, no matter the reason, whenever someone argues that gays shouldn\\\\\\\'t be allowed to marry, or that gay\\\\\\\'s should have their own version of marriage, I can\\\\\\\'t help but shake my head. I implore you to consider not only Florida\\\\\\\'s history, but that of the entire world, where class differences have caused everything from public unrest to outright war and revolution. As such, I cannot help but draw the conclusion that in any and all cases, separate

is simply not equal.

Now, I personally feel that philosophies and abstract concepts are only so useful in determining what is right and what is wrong. Thus, I make my second appeal based upon pragmatism. Allowing homosexual couples to marry would increase the number of families. Given that our current surplus of children waiting-for-adoption outnumbers adopting families by a ratio of about four to one, any increase in viable family units would be a boon to our adoption agencies. Also, given the propencity of queer couples to adopt rather than concieve, it is likely a far greater number of homosexual families would consider adoption. Legal recognition of homosexual partnership would also simplify tax collection, making more taxable family units instead of individuals, and remove any grey area regarding kinship status and rights of attorney. One might also wish to consider the economic benefits of allowing gay marriage, as weddings, receptions, gifts, honeymoons, and other elements commonly associated with marriage are all financially stimulating



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