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Holocaust Denial

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World War II was one of the most documented historical events known to man. It was then

that 6 million jews were mercilessly murdered at the hands of Hitler's Nazi armies. For

many, Jewish as well as non-Jewish people the Holocaust symbolizes hate and racism. This

historical event also stimulates an awareness in us, concerning apathy and how it is in fact

synonymous to evil. Like with most beliefs, however, there are those who disagree with

certain notions. There are, despite the overwhelming proof, a number of holocaust deniers

who insult the Jewish community and the world in its entirety by denying that such murders

ever occurred.

It is believed that this great lie, labeling the holocaust as the "holohoax"began shortly

after the second world war, and was spread by former Nazis This is relatively easy to

imagine considering one would feel a great amount of shame after being involved in such

inhumane practices.The human condition is to run in the other direction when faced with

shame, rather than face up to our wrong doings. However typical human behavior or not the

question remains, should these deniers be permitted to voice their thoughts on a public

level? This is when the debate concerning freedom of speech comes into play. When one

chooses to support individual freedom of speech they cannot compromise this support




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