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Holocaust Inferno

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Holocaust Inferno

The word holocaust without a lower case Ð''h' means destruction of life bye fire. But the word with a capital Ð''H' refers to the period in history between 1933-1945.

WW II had been raging in Europe for about four years. And Germany's leader Adolf Hitler dreams of power and glory had made the war worst. Now he controlled much of Europe. Hitler's armies had also conquered an area from the countries in the north from Greece to Italy, and in the south from France into the western parts.

Hitler and the Nazis targeted groups of innocent people. Their victims included Jews, romaine (which were incorrectly called gypsies) male homosexuals, Jehovah's witnesses, poles, political enemies, and the physically and mentally handicapped. The Nazis called them untermenschen or sub human.

Hitler called his plan for the Jews, "The Final Solution." He purposed Genocide, the murder of an entire racial or large social group, in this case, the Jews.

Louise Artz, a 12 year old Jehovah's Witness was taken from his home in France and carried to a concentration camp in Germany because at school he didn't say "Heil Hitler." In his religion saying that he honored Hitler as the supreme leader. And as Jehovah's Witness your not allowed to praise Hitler, or any one, else above Jehovah. And so he was beaten and they said all you have to say is Heil Hitler. And then you can go home. Think of how happy your mom would be when she sees you. Just say Heil Hitler but he refused.

By April 1994 (around the end of the Holocaust) the Nazis had 20 main concentration camps.

Victims walked into a room that is under ground that held 1,000 people. They were told to undress for "showers." Then the people follow the guards. The guard would put them in the showers and then they sealed and lock the door. Then they would put pellets of Zyklon B through the vents. When the pellets hit the floor the gas came out. It took 20 minutes to blow



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