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History of Gerber Products Company

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History of Gerber Products Company

In 1901, Frank Gerber and his father begun a small company which the main business was based in a small packager of peas, beans and fruit locate in Michigan. Also that company was the partner of his father’s tannery. After a few years, in 1905 the tannery closed and Gerber decided to focus on building the canning company.

After the expansion, by 1917, Gerber become a president of the company, with the death of his father and faced a considerable improvement on the sales and the profit on the company.

Frank Gerber in 1926 promote his son to assistant general manager of the company and one year later after a suggestion from Daniel’s wife about ta business for baby food they decided to start researches to launch the new product.

She receive a recommendation from the pediatrician to feed her daughter after 7-months-age with solid food and she start to strain fruits, one easy process to be done, but that request work from her side.

By 1928, after tests, interviews and specialist consultancy the baby food line was introduced it was the first baby food sold in grocery stores and advertised nationally.

Around that year Gerber engaged a completion to find the baby face to represent the brand. With a image of a happy and healthy baby, the artist Doroty Hope Smit won the competition. The image was so successful that it become the official trademark in 1931.

With a successful marketing plan, it resulted in national distribution on the first year of 590.000 cans and a profit around $345.000.

Unfortunately, in 1935 over 60 other manufactures launch their products on the marketing introducing their own sealed baby food.

Furthermore, the positive impact of the brand and the confidence earned from the customers the company was still leading the market. Also the appeal of the “Gerber Baby”   that was the result of a wild research, make the brand even stronger.

By 2007 Nestle foods bought  Gerber and has been establish the position as the world’s biggest producer of baby food .



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