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High Road To China

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Essay Preview: High Road To China

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The movie, high road to China was a nail biting story of a young flapper named Eve trying to find her father. She hires a pilot to take her to the middle-east finding her final destination in China. This movie does a great job historically making things accurate. Among many other items, this movie showed great attention to detail in air travel, flappers, and treatment of women in the 1920's.

Air travel was the biggest portion of this motion picture. O'Malley was the hired pilot who chauffeured and protected Eve throughout the trip. His airplanes were the old fashioned kind where you had to spin the rudder before you could go. These airplanes added much excitement to the movie. The footage was realistic and believable which would have been difficult (I can imagine) to capture. These were the aircrafts used in the twenty's so historically they were in their place. The use of these machines in the movie was phenomenal. If they chose to opt out of airplanes, the movie would be not suspenseful.

Another accurately portrayed item in this movie was the flapper. The flapper is described as an unconventional woman who has bobbed hair, and wears unusual clothing for the era. Eve fit every aspect of this imaginary woman. Her blonde hair was short, she wore short dresses at home but in travel boyish clothes. Most women would never wear pants. Eve also had the personality one could imagine belonging to a flapper. She never took no for an answer and always expected fair treatment. The movie communicated this idea very well and the image of the flapper was secured in Eve.

Another item of the era used in the movie was the middle-east's treatment of women. The movie did display some of the way women were treated, but in a diluted form. Eve stepped off the aircraft and spoke to the warlord Suleiman Kahn. In his culture women were not allowed to speak to men and would have been beaten. However, in the movie, the warlord only got mad and



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