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Healthcare In America

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Essay Preview: Healthcare In America

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When your child is sick the last thing you should be worrying about is whether you can afford to take them to get proper medical treatment, but because of the way our healthcare system is set up that is the way many Americans feel. Healthcare coverage is an ongoing problem in our Country. Only 40% of Americans are covered by public healthcare. Health insurance has become increasingly expensive making it difficult to afford leaving millions of people without healthcare coverage. Even if you are able to afford insurance the premiums, deductibles, and the cost of the health care you receive make it unaffordable. It is frustrating not to have access to decent healthcare when you are an honest citizen who gives back to society and works hard to provide for a family. In a recent survey 60% of Americans believe our healthcare system needs a fundamental change. Whether that change is making healthcare more affordable and available or simply taking on the European way of free healthcare. There are many problems that play a factor in this issue including the rising costs of medications, expensive medical equipment, and the costs and issues seen from a political aspect. Our poorly set up system even plays a part in the poverty in our country. When a person is unable to receive preventative care they are more likely to develop serious long-term illnesses that they have to receive treatment for. The illness and treatment leave them in debt, out of work, and in the end on our welfare system. America is one of the most advanced Countries in the world yet the government is unable to set up a decent healthcare system that allows Americans of all ages and incomes to get the proper, affordable medical treatment needed to stay healthy and sustain life. It is hard to believe that we are able to send people to the moon, but we are unable to solve the issue of healthcare. Our government seems to realize there is a problem. In 1966 they took the initiative to make a small step



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