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Health & Social

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I conducted a questionnaire to determine different attitudes to and understanding of concepts of health and ill- health, also peopleÐŽ¦s principles on itÐŽ¦s importance and interrelationships of different factors affecting health and well-being.

I have decided to analyse the questionnaire by opportunity sampling and quarto sampling. I gave 20 people my questionnaire to complete (which are all completed and in my appendix) I have varied my participant to 10 females and 10 males. The reason why have included age is to see if there are any major difference if so I will write about it in my overall conclusion.

In my questionnaire there were 19 questions, which were both open and closed items. The advantages of doing both types of questions are that closed are easy to analyse as statistical data and open are good because you can get the participantÐŽ¦s true opinion. Both of these questions give a more reliable response to the concepts and factors of health and ill ÐŽVhealth. Although my questionnaire isnÐŽ¦t generalised because of using a target population of opportunity sampling it gives a good a good sample of some peopleÐŽ¦s opinions to health.

The independent variable in my questionnaire is by asking a range of different people. My dependent

variable is the concepts of health and ill-health and the factors affecting a healthy life style, of females compared with males. There may be many extraneous variables, such as, may be the participant was busy and misread some of the questions or might have been influenced by another person.

The questionaire :

Emily Kirby

Health & Social care Questionnaire

I am a student in year 12 studying Health & Social Care and for my coursework I need to do a questionnaire to determine different attitudes and understanding of concepts of health and ill-health. I would appreciate if you could take the time to complete my questionnaire it will take no more then a couple minutes, and is confidential. It will also only be used for my coursework.

1.) Are you;

Ñ"ч Female

Ñ"ч Male

2.) What age gap do you fall into? (If you are under 16, please do not answer any questions on this questionnaire).

Ñ"ч 16-20

Ñ"ч 21-30

Ñ"ч 31-40

Ñ"ч 41-50

Ñ"ч 51-60

Ñ"ч 60+

3.) What is your occupation?

4.) What is your understanding of health?

The Concepts of health

5.) Which concept of health would you say you are? (You can fall into more then one concept).

Ñ"ж Holistic concept of health is the belief that being healthy means being without any physical disorders or diseases and being emotionally comfortable. E.G. a person who feels anxious or who has low self-esteem would, according to this concept not be a good idea.

Ñ"ж Positive concept of health is the belief that being healthy is a state achieved only by continuous effort, E.G. through their choice of diet and exercise and will blame themselves for any symptoms although would take credit for absence of disease.

Ñ"ж Negative concept of health is the view that being healthy is the absence of illness E.G. not having any symptoms of diseases, aches or pains means you are well and healthy.

6.) What is your understanding of ill-health?

The Concepts of Ill-health

7.) Which Concept of ill-health best suits your idea towards the subject (You can tick more then one box)

Ñ"ч Ill Health as the subjective sensation of illness means feeling ill. People who may feel ill, when they have some disease symptoms, or they might also feel ill when no symptoms are present. .E.G. people who are anxious of their health are likely to think of themselves ill even when symptoms are very mild.

Ñ"ч Ill Health as having observable symptoms of disease refers to diagnosable problem, which may be a physical problem or a mental disease. E.G. two people with a medical knowledge agreeing that a patient has a disease.

Ñ"ч Ill health as a disorder is a malfunction of a body tissue, organ or system. This is based on the idea that the body can go wrong.

8.) Do you have a healthy diet?

Ñ"ч Yes

Ñ"ч No

Ñ"ч Sometimes

9.) What is a healthy diet?

10.) What are the components of a healthy diet (type of foodsÐŽ¦)






11.) Do you smoke or take drugs?

Ñ"ч Both

Ñ"ч Just Smoke

Ñ"ч Just Drugs

Ñ"ч None

12.) How often do you drink

Ñ"ч Never

Ñ"ч Hardly ever

Ñ"ч Sometimes

Ñ"ч Quite often

Ñ"ч All the time

13.) Do you exercise?

Ñ"ч Yes

Ñ"ч No



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